How Can I Tell if My Car Battery Needs Replacing?
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Señales de que necesita reemplazar la batería de su automóvil

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Can I Tell if My Car Battery Needs Replacing in San Diego, CA


It’s safe to assume you don’t want to have your car’s battery go bad at the worst possible time. Not being mindful of what’s happening with your car’s battery increases your odds of being in an accident, which could affect your insurance rates. As winter arrives, being without a working battery can be even more of a safety issue. The seguro de auto Chula Vista experts from Altra Insurance Services discuss some of the signs to look for that may suggest your car’s battery needs to be replaced.

You’re Having Trouble Starting Your Car

When a car battery is starting to fail, it’s often weaker, which is why you may start to experience ignition difficulties. You shouldn’t wait until your battery completely dies before replacing it if you’re starting to have increasingly frequent issues starting your car. If you do, you’ll increase your risk of being stranded. If you’re hearing clicking sounds when you attempt to start your vehicle, the battery likely needs replacing.

You’re Having Dashboard/Vehicle Light Issues

One of the ways a failing battery saves energy is by prioritizing engine functions. This is why you might notice some issues with dashboard lights or other vehicle lights. For instance, you might notice your headlights are dimmer. This is a potential accident risk, since dim headlights can make it more difficult to see in snow or fog. You may also be at increased risk for an accident because another driver may not see your vehicle when weather conditions aren’t good.

Your Car Performs Poorly in Bad Weather

Speaking of not-so-good weather, a car battery that needs replacing is more likely to perform poorly when it’s raining, snowing, or cold outside. This is a potential hazard as well, since you can be left stranded in a cold car without a working heater. You could also stall in a location where your car could be hit by other vehicles.

You’re Noticing a Rotten Egg Smell

This is a sign your battery may be leaking gas. This is a potentially dangerous situation, since leaking gas around a hot engine can easily lead to a vehicle fire. A battery leaking gas isn’t a common issue, but it’s worth being aware of so you can act early if you notice it.

You’re Having Electrical Issues

Electrical issues also signal you may need to replace your battery. Electrical malfunctions related to your battery could include your phone not charging, your stereo not working, or your inside lights flickering. If you have kids, they may complain about not being able to use the in-car features you usually rely on to keep them occupied. These may seem like minor inconveniences, but they should be taken as a sign to have your battery checked to see if replacement is necessary. 

Having a dead car battery is never fun for anyone, but following these suggestions can make it a lot less likely. Even if your car is running smoothly, it’s still important to make sure you’re covered by reliable auto seguro. Puede confiar en Altra Insurance para todas sus necesidades de seguros, incluidos motocicletas, propietarios de viviendas y seguro de auto. San Diego los conductores deben llamar a nuestro amable personal hoy al (619) 404-6311 para preguntar sobre nuestros servicios o programar una cita.

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