Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Theft?
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Is Theft Covered Under Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

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Does Auto Insurance Include Theft Coverage in San Diego, CA


Most people buy comprehensive car insurance to cover the total value of the vehicle and everything inside the car. While it’s true that comprehensive insurance covers most aspects, it makes sense to understand whether you really need this type of auto insurance San Diego drivers should be aware of precisely what their policies cover, and whether theft of the vehicle is included.

Typical Coverage

In most circumstances, comprehensive insurance will cover the value of the vehicle if it gets stolen. Due to the technical nature of market value and depreciation, you should ask the company how it calculates the market value of a vehicle before buying the insurance.

Besides theft, comprehensive insurance also covers vandalism. If someone breaks into your car by smashing windows and breaking door locks, it’s also covered under the policy. Usually, comprehensive car insurance covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle, including parts that are preinstalled in the car. 

Still, it makes sense to read the fine print in your insurance policy because you want to make sure it covers everything in the car, including any mechanical malfunctions resulting from vandalism. In fact, every car insurance provider has different policies regarding how much coverage they’re willing to provide in case of such an unfortunate incident. Ask questions if certain terms in your policy aren’t clear.

Personal Items

Most misunderstandings are about coverage related to personal items. If you think your personal items, such as laptops and mobile phones, are insured, you’re in for a big surprise. Comprehensive insurance doesn’t cover your personal items, which means that if someone breaks into your car, the insurance policy will only cover the cost of car repairs. 

The car insurance company isn’t responsible for your personal items. If you want to claim the price of your valuables, you need to turn to your home insurance policy or renters insurance to recover the cost of personal belongings.

Reporting an Incident

Here’s what you should do if your car is vandalized or stolen:

  • Call the local police to inform them of the incident. Your car insurance company will require you to file a police report.
  • Take pictures of the damages (if the car hasn’t been stolen) and make appropriate notes about what’s damaged. Use caution when handling items in and around the crime scene, as police may find fingerprints and other important clues during their investigation.
  • Submit a claim to your insurance company. The representative will ask for a police report, a list of damages, and pictures.

A lot of people never buy comprehensive insurance policies due to their higher cost. However, it’s a good idea to get this form of insurance coverage for one of your most precious assets, considering you can save thousands of dollars if your car is stolen.

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