Is Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain Bad?
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Is It Dangerous to Ride My Motorcycle While It’s Raining?

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Why is It Dangerous to Ride My Motorcycle While It’s Raining in San Diego, CA


Riding your motorcycle in the rain comes with its fair share of risks. As with any vehicle, driving in rain or other poor weather conditions can increase the likelihood of an accident. Due to decreased tire traction and control, riding a motorcycle in the rain can be risky, especially if you’re traveling at high speed or in a heavily congested area.

There are several ways riding your motorcycle in the rain can be a risk for you and other drivers on the road. While you can work around many of these risks, it’s not recommended that you ride in bad weather for the sake of a joyride. Here are a few things to consider, brought to you by Altra Insurance, the leading providers of affordable motorcycle insurance San Diego bikers can rely on.

Poor Grip

Tires don’t provide as much traction when the roads are wet, which means it will be more difficult to control your motorcycle. Traveling at fast speeds and braking quickly come with especially serious hazards, including being thrown from the bike. Beware of manholes and other metal surfaces on the road, which are often extremely slippery when wet and can easily cause you to lose control of your motorcycle without even realizing what happened. 

Visual Impairment

Pouring rain and spray from the road make it difficult to see, and if you’re riding at night, it may be even more difficult to see more than a few feet in front of you. Before you ride in the rain, wipe your motorcycle’s windshield and your helmet’s visor with defogger.

You’re also less likely to see potential obstacles in the road, and reduced grip makes it difficult to brake or turn safely in time. Avoid riding in heavy storms with low visibility. It’s better to wait until the worst of the bad weather clears before hitting the road. 


Riding on a piece of metal without any form of protection is an obvious hazard. Motorcycle riders are at higher risk for being struck by lightning during a storm. If you see any lightning while you’re on the road, pull over and seek shelter until it passes. 


Even if you have great tires, wet roads and rainfall can lead to hydroplaning, which occurs when there’s a layer of water between your tires and the road. The best thing you can do is ride slowly, avoid sharp movements, and keep your body relaxed. Avoid puddles, potholes, manhole covers, and other sources of deep water on the road.

Protecting Yourself on the Road

If you decide to ride your motorcycle in light rain, there are some ways you can keep yourself safer:

  • Wear waterproof boots and gloves
  • Keep dry clothes in a backpack or saddlebag
  • Wear a full-face helmet for water protection
  • Use defogger before you ride

If you take precautionary measures and have the right gear, you can still ride a motorcycle in the rain in relative safety. However, you should limit your bad-weather trips to light rainfall and stick to shorter routes until the skies clear up again.

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