Difference between an Entrepreneur & a Businessperson?
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What’s the Difference between an Entrepreneur & a Businessperson?

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What’s the Difference between an Entrepreneur & a Businessperson?


Insurance needs vary among businesspersons and entrepreneurs. Thus, it’s essential to define your profession. This way, you can secure full business insurance coverage, protecting your finances. Here we explain the differences between an entrepreneur and a businessperson.

Type of Work

A businessperson takes a traditional approach to providing goods or services using established methods. Businesspersons also target an existing commercial sector or industry. Since businesspersons face widespread competition for customers, they’re market players.

Conversely, an entrepreneur blazes the path to a new venture, propelled by fresh, unexplored ideas. As altruists, entrepreneurs develop a product or service that will benefit people. Then, they hone the initial design until it aligns with their vision.

Upon achieving that goal, the entrepreneur launches a business. Since the company the entrepreneur creates is new to the market, it’s called a startup. Moreover, entrepreneurs have scant competition in the field they pursue.

Degree of Financial Risk

Businesspersons have a steady income. They research competitive firms, devising strategies to outperform them. They also follow protocols that have worked for other companies.

Plus, a businessperson takes calculated risks based on the need to sustain profits. For all these reasons, a businessperson has a good chance of financial success.

Meanwhile, an entrepreneur may have to pursue investors or bank loans to kick off a venture. Many entrepreneurs sow their personal savings or financial gifts from family. Initially, there’s no guarantee of a monthly income. Still, if entrepreneurs have a practical financial plan in place, their new venture can flourish.


First, a businessperson seeks to offer products and services with a high success rate among competitors. Secondly, businesspersons are driven to maximize revenue and manage it well. They also strive for productivity.

What motivates entrepreneurs is passionate innovation. Meanwhile, they’re less money-minded than businesspersons. Instead, they’re committed to improving the lives of others in a tangible way. Whereas an entrepreneur makes decisions intuitively, a businessperson relies on logic.


Most businesspersons choose to offer a commodity in high demand. Then, they concentrate on company growth, expansion, and improving profitability. Moreover, they promote a pleasant customer experience with their company, forging loyalty to its brand.

Entrepreneurs focus on providing a solution to a problem people face. Then, they develop a unique project fulfilling that purpose. Meanwhile, they envision the impact they want their service or product to have on society.

Economic Benefits

Businesspersons fuel local economies by selling goods and services. They also create new jobs in various areas of the country. In turn, this improves the standard of living for those employed, giving them higher disposable income. This means that after people meet their financial obligations, they have more money to save, spend, or invest.

Meanwhile, businesses pay a substantial amount of US taxes. Local governments then use these funds to support schools, repair roads, and maintain fire and police departments.

Like businesspersons, entrepreneurs boost employment opportunities and life quality for local communities. Many entrepreneurs devise new technologies, replacing outdated ones. They also lessen our nation’s reliance on imported goods.

Some entrepreneurs address environmental problems, such as automobile emissions and global warming. For instance, credit goes to entrepreneurs for inventing electric cars and plant-based meat.

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