What to Do if Someone Breaks into Your Business
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What You Need to Know After a Business Burglary

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What You Should Do if Your Business is Burglarized in San Diego, CA


Any sort of robbery is frustrating, and it can be particularly overwhelming when it happens at your business. Managing a burglary at a business is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult. If you see any signs of a break-in at your business, follow these steps to handle the problem as efficiently as possible.

Leave the Building Immediately

It may be tempting to rush in as soon as possible to see what was taken, but this is unwise. There’s always the chance the intruder is still inside, and a confrontation could be potentially dangerous. Moving things around or touching them could damage evidence needed to catch the perpetrator. Wait until the police say it’s fine to reenter before going inside and touching anything.

Contact the Police

Call the police and let them know you’d like to report a burglary. If you know the crime happened a while before and there’s no one on the premises, call the non-emergency line instead of using 911. The police will come out, gather evidence, and let you know more about the process of managing a burglary. Depending on your local police department’s policies, you may need to specifically request a copy of the report for your records.

Document Everything

Before you begin cleaning up and getting everything back to normal, document the break-in. Take detailed notes of what was taken, and collect photos or receipts that confirm the original cost of items. If anything was broken, take pictures of it before you fix it. Save copies of any security footage you have.

Get in Touch with Your Insurance Agency

As soon as you finish dealing with the immediate aftermath, review your insurance policy thoroughly and contact the agency that provides your business insurance. San Diego business owners most likely have insurance that will replace anything that was taken or damaged during the burglary. Most policies require getting in touch with the company within 24 hours of noticing the incident, so don’t delay. They will walk you through the claims process and help you get the compensation you need.

Talk to Your Bank

There’s a chance the thief may have stolen business checks, credit cards, or valuable financial information. In these cases, get in touch with your bank or other financial providers to change passwords, cancel accounts, and see if any funds have been stolen yet.

Prevent It from Happening Again

Now that you know your business is vulnerable to burglaries, you can take steps to keep it from occurring again. Consider getting more secure doors, installing an alarm, or upgrading your lighting system. Talk to employees or change company policies to ensure the business isn’t an easy target. Many small business robberies are inside jobs, so you may need to carefully vet your employees.

Businesses are prime targets for break-ins and burglaries. Fortunately, business insurance is available to replace stolen or damaged items and cover necessary repairs. If you need reliable, affordable business insurance San Diego for your business, turn to the professionals at Altra Insurance Services. Our service is second to none, and we provide a wide variety of insurance products, including homeowners, renters, and auto insurance Chula Vista. Business owners should give us a call at (800) 719-9972 for a free quote.

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