6 Things that Aren’t Covered by Auto Insurance
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6 Items Your Car Insurance Won’t Cover

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what isnt covered under car insurance


Although there are various types of auto insurance to choose from, no one policy will cover everything. Therefore, you should learn as much about the coverage as possible and choose based on your preferences and necessities. As they consider their options for auto insurance, San Diego drivers should be aware of the following things that aren’t typically covered by San Diego auto insurance.

1. Mechanical Breakdowns

Many car owners are under the misconception that auto insurance covers typical maintenance costs. However, repairs like a transmission or engine replacement aren’t covered under most policies. You’ll need to purchase mechanical warranties to cover these costs or speak directly to the manufacturer about what it handles regarding maintenance breakdowns and repairs.

2. Customization

You have the ability to change your car as much as you would like, including adding new wheels, customized seats, and more. However, your auto insurance provider isn’t responsible for the costs. Therefore, only make customization changes if your budget covers it or you have another type of add-on coverage that includes these expenses.

3. Non-Authorized Drivers

Each time a person gets behind the wheel of your vehicle, it’s best to verify the individual’s insurance coverage before agreeing to let him or her drive. Most auto insurance policies won’t cover additional drivers unless those individuals are listed on your policy. You could face severe financial liabilities if you permit an additional driver to operate your vehicle and he or she has an accident that damages your car and/or other drivers and passengers.

4. Passengers’ Belongings

If your vehicle has been stolen or broken into, auto insurance won’t cover the costs for items that belong to a passenger. This includes sunglasses, purses, laptops, money, and various accessories. In most cases, comprehensive coverage doesn’t cover the costs for the personal belongings of policyholders. However, some renters and homeowners insurance providers will cover the costs of your belongings.

5. Normal Wear & Tear

Extended warranties are excellent because they can offer coverage beyond an average time frame. However, normal wear and tear aren’t typically covered by auto insurance. Your car may be in bad shape due to driving back and forth to work, but an insurance policy doesn’t cover these expenses. If you choose to use your vehicle for rideshare or other various transportation services, any damage done from working with these organizations isn’t covered by auto insurance. However, the company may offer additional protection for extra costs.

6. Illegal Activity

Driving while under the influence of drugs and specific amounts of alcohol is illegal, and it could increase the risk of an accident or severe injury. If you have damaged your vehicle or another car while under the influence, your auto insurance provider has the right to deny a claim. Other illegal activity includes theft and intentional or staged accidents. In addition to having your claim denied, you could face serious legal consequences and possibly lose your license, be fined, or face jail time.

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