What Does a Homeowners Umbrella Insurance Policy Cover?
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What’s Covered by an Umbrella Insurance Policy for a Homeowner?

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What’s Covered by an Umbrella Insurance Policy for a Homeowner?


Homeowners insurance is a valuable asset that can protect your finances after an unexpected event. Depending on your policy, you should be covered for expenses that may include replacing your property and paying for repairs after a fire or theft occurs. Since recovering from these types of tragedies often costs far more than you might expect, it helps to have insurance coverage that prevents you from having to dip into your savings or go without the things you need. When you sign up for homeowners insurance, you’ll likely notice you also have the option to purchase an umbrella policy. Understanding what this could cover helps you make the best decision for insuring your property based on your anticipated needs.

Know How Umbrella Insurance Works

If you think of your current homeowners insurance policy as a raincoat, you can visualize how an umbrella policy serves as an added layer of protection during a major financial storm. Most homeowners policies already provide some level of liability coverage to help you out if people get injured or have their possessions damaged while they’re on your property. Yet some lawsuits can generate extremely large settlements standard policies might not provide. Once this happens, umbrella insurance kicks in to pay for the additional costs.

Think about What It Covers

Since umbrella insurance is relatively inexpensive, it’s a great way to have additional peace of mind that you’ll recover financially after a major lawsuit. Typically, this type of policy will cover things such as medical bills along with compensation for pain and suffering if, for example, your dog bites a neighbor passing by your house. Or it might cover being sued by an independent repair person who gets injured while working on your house. In some cases, your policy might cover situations outside your property. For instance, it might cover medical bills for someone who is injured by your child during a fight at school.

Understand the Limitations on Coverage

Usually, an umbrella policy won’t cover damage to personal property, such as a car. This would typically be covered under other types of policies, such as general comprehensive auto insurance. Umbrella insurance is also not meant to be a bailout. A policy won’t likely cover damage the policyholder causes intentionally or while breaking the law.

Assess Your General Risk for High-Cost Lawsuits

Considering lawsuits are often a go-to method for seeking compensation after a terrible accident, one might say everyone should carry umbrella insurance. Technically, it’s usually affordable enough that you won’t notice much of a difference in your insurance premiums, but it makes all the difference in the world when you need it. Still, you might want to consider the likelihood that you’ll have an incident that requires it before you sign your contract. In general, anyone who owns a swimming pool, trampoline, hot tub, or pet that could bite someone will want umbrella insurance. The same applies if you rent out your property, hire household staff, or host large events at your property.

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