6 Categories Not Covered by Commercial Insurance
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6 Categories Not Covered by Commercial Insurance

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6 Things Commercial Insurance Doesn't Cover in San Diego, CA


Commercial insurance can be a great investment. It provides the peace of mind that allows your business to grow and thrive without the danger of major financial setbacks. While it’s a wise choice for any company to consider, commercial insurance – San Diego business owners prefer,  like any other form of insurance, comes with some limitations. Make sure to stay well informed about what your insurance covers, because a lack of awareness could seriously impact the financial wellbeing of your business. Below are six things commercial insurance doesn’t cover.

1. Intentional Wrongdoing

As with any insurance policy, intentionally causing harm to the entity or objects your insurance covers isn’t covered by commercial insurance. Avoiding wrongdoing isn’t just a good way to avoid denied claims. It’s also a good business practice. The more integrity your business maintains, the more likely it will be to secure and keep clients.

2. General Liabilities

Most commercial insurance won’t cover day-to-day accidents that aren’t directly related to workplace activities. Any accident that results in a loss or injury and doesn’t directly correlate to your work cannot be covered. For general occurrences like this, you need general liability insurance.

3. Illegal Acts

While this may seem obvious, it’s worth pointing out that any claim involving illegal acts performed by you or your organization cannot be covered under commercial insurance. If your business engages in any unlawful activities, even those that may seem innocuous, your claims cannot be covered.

4. Employee Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance covers most accidents resulting in injury to any of your employees. While you should work to make your workplace safe, you should also make sure your organization has all the necessary types of insurance coverage that will keep you from having to pay out of pocket for accidents like these.

5. Employee Disputes

Commercial insurance can often cover mistakes made by employees when they’re acting on behalf of your business. In the case of an employee who files a dispute, the claim may not be covered. If one of your employees files a lawsuit based on discrimination or other wrongdoing, this will not be covered under commercial insurance.

6. False Advertising

Lawsuits brought as a result of you or your business conducting false advertising won’t be covered under commercial insurance policies. False advertising can come in many forms, but the important thing to remember is that if you participate in it and your clients or customers sue, your case won’t be covered. Once again, integrity in all areas can save your business money in more ways than one.

It’s vital to protect your business from avoidable dangers, and commercial insurance is one of the most valuable tools you can use to safeguard your business’s financial health. When it comes to commercial insurance, look to the professionals at Altra Insurance Services for sound advice based on years of experience in the insurance industry. We also offer reliable homeowners, renters, and auto insurance. San Diego residents can call one of our expert agents today at (800) 719-9972 to discuss their insurance needs.    

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