How Does Business Travel Accident Insurance Work?
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What Is Business Travel Accident Insurance?

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How Does Business Travel Accident Insurance Work in San Diego, CA


Business travel has become increasingly common as companies strive to thrive within the global economy. While traveling might be essential for conducting research or closing a deal, it does come with an increased risk of accidental injuries. Business travel accident insurance is designed to compensate people who get hurt while traveling for business purposes. When it comes to buying business insurance, knowing how this type of insurance works helps you determine if you could benefit from having your business travel covered.

When to Purchase Business Travel Accident Insurance

Most people aren’t required to carry business travel insurance. However, it’s a good idea for any company whose employees engage in regular business travel to have some degree of coverage for accidents. Companies often purchase this type of insurance to guard against the financial consequences that could occur if an employee dies or gets hurt while traveling for business reasons. Individuals might also choose to purchase policies if they’re self-employed or they work for companies that don’t provide coverage.

Types of Accidents Travel Insurance Covers

Travel accident insurance covers a range of different issues that can occur if someone gets seriously hurt while traveling for work. For instance, accidental death could occur if a person is on a plane or bus that crashes. Dismemberment is also a possible result of an accident that occurs during business travel. Someone who gets hurt while away from home may need additional care for emergency medical treatment, and travel accident insurance for businesses can cover the cost of hospitalizations, surgeries, and other types of health care.

What to Ask about a Policy

Similar to other types of insurance, the coverage provided by business travel accident insurance policies can vary. For instance, someone might have to travel a specific distance from home before the policy kicks in. Or there might be stipulations regarding what’s considered business travel. For example, someone who extends a business trip into a family vacation after his or her work is done might need to prove the accident happened during the course of doing the job. These kinds of policies may also include 24-hour coverage or only apply during normal business hours. Working with your agent to get the level of coverage you or your business needs is important for knowing how to use it effectively.

How to File an Accident Claim

If the worst should happen, you’ll typically need to file your claim as soon as you’re able to do so safely. Businesses that carry this coverage for employees need to train them to report any accidental injuries as soon as possible. Both businesses and individuals need to follow the procedures outlined in their policies for filing a claim, which usually involves reaching out to a customer service representative. Providing documentation of the event, such as photographs from the scene or medical reports, can get the claim processed faster.

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