Top 5 Causes of Distracted Driving [MUST READ]
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Major Causes of Distracted Driving

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What are the Common Distractions for Drivers in San Diego, CA


Technology is wonderful, but like most great things, it can cut both ways. Some of the major reasons for distracted driving have to do with technology. However, there are several other causes of distracted driving. The most important thing to do is remind yourself, before starting out, that all these things can and likely will happen while driving and that each and every one needs to be ignored. The professionals from Altra Insurance Services, a premier provider of auto and motorcycle insurance San Diego residents trust for dependable, affordable coverage, want you to stay safe by being aware of these main causes of distracted driving and how to avoid them.

1. Talking and Texting

Numerous tickets are issued for talking on the phone or texting while driving, which are considered infractions in most, if not all, states. It’s estimated that roughly 10 percent of all fatal accidents in recent years are attributable to texting or talking while driving. It was just two decades ago that we were able to survive without these phones. Put your phone down until you arrive at your destination.

2. Using GPS

Most GPS apps, such as Waze, talk to drivers all the way to their destinations. Looking down at apps or checking on GPS maps often occurs when there’s a traffic jam the GPS platform didn’t report or an accident is too new to have been picked up by the app and an alternate route is needed. These things can easily happen, and making a plan to deal with them safely is a simple step toward avoiding this distraction.

3. Zoning Out

“Zoning out” can happen, whether it’s looking at a billboard or searching through a bag for something. The best way to handle this issue is to put a reminder right on your dashboard telling you to keep your eyes on the road. Another way is to create an alarm with a special tone that serves as a reminder to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

4. Dealing with Pets and Children

The last thing anyone wants is to have something bad happen to their pets or their children. It’s easy to get distracted by a pet or a child in the car, so creating some rules of the road is crucially important. Having pets secured, either in a travel cage or bag or in the rear area of an SUV, is the safest way for both you and your pet to travel. Also, it’s important to remind your children that conversation should be kept to a minimum while you’re driving.

5. Adjusting the Settings

Many vehicles have a variety of controls right on the steering wheel, but if yours doesn’t, get everything set up before you leave. Even if the controls are on the steering wheel, making adjustments before leaving is best. Settle on a playlist before backing out of the driveway, and have a comfortable temperature set before heading out on the road. These steps take the possibility of such distractions right out of the equation. 

A few simple safety measures can prevent accidents due to distracted driving and protect you, your loved ones, and other drivers. If you’re in an accident, though, you’ll need the protection of reliable auto insurance Chula Vista drivers rely on Altra Insurance Services for high-quality service and affordable coverage that offers peace of mind. Call one of our friendly agents at 619-474-6666 today for a free quote.

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