How Can I Make My Car Last Longer?
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Tips for Extending the Life of Your Car

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Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car in San Diego, CA


Efforts to extend the operational life of a car, truck, or other vehicle can often be far more effective than many drivers might expect. Good maintenance and driving habits as well as prompt repairs can all make quite a difference. The professionals from Altra Insurance Services, a trusted provider of San Diego car insurance, offer a few tips for owners who want to ensure their cars are able to last as long as possible.

Do Routine Maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance schedule recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer is probably the single most effective way for owners to extend the lives of their cars or trucks. Inspecting and changing the vehicle’s motor oil and other fluids as well as replacing belts, hoses, and filters at set intervals serves to minimize wear and tear on the engine and other major components. Neglecting maintenance and upkeep can drastically increase the risk of a breakdown or other mechanical issue.

Engage in Good Driving Habits

Poor driving habits can also place undue strain on a vehicle. Failing to give the engine enough time to warm up, driving too fast over speed bumps, and being too hard on the brakes or transmission are all issues that may reduce the life span of the vehicle. Making efforts to avoid stop-and-go traffic, combining errands to minimize the number of short trips, and making other efforts to limit the wear and stress being placed on the vehicle can ensure the vehicle is less likely to experience major mechanical problems.

Schedule Repairs as Soon as Possible

Even the best-made cars and most well-maintained vehicles can break down. Dealing with a check engine light or strange engine sounds as quickly as possible can keep small problems from growing larger in scope. Delaying repairs and putting off a trip to the mechanic for too long increases the risk that the final bill will exceed the market value of the vehicle. For owners who are serious about getting the most value out of their vehicles, prompt repair work is never a concern to be taken lightly.

Keep the Vehicle Clean

Rust and corrosion are serious issues. Regular trips to the car wash are essential for removing dirt, debris, and other contaminants that might otherwise lead to increased instances of corrosion. Owners who mistakenly think routine cleaning is only a cosmetic issue could be making a serious mistake. Deciding not to bother with the car wash may seem like a minor concern, but it could lead to rust and corrosion problems for vehicles that are in overall good mechanical condition. Washing the vehicle’s body and undercarriage regularly is an important part of preventative maintenance, one that owners would do well to take seriously.

No matter how long you keep your car, having adequate auto insurance is essential to protect yourself and your investment. For affordable, reliable car insurance, trust the professionals at Altra Insurance Services. In addition to auto insurance, we offer a wide range of insurance coverage, including business, homeowners, and motorcycle insurance. San Diego residents should give us a call today at 619-474-6666 to learn how our commitment to personal service sets us apart from other insurance providers.

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