How to Keep Motorcyclists Safe on the Road-Safety Tips
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How to Keep Motorcyclists Safe on the Road?

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How to Keep Motorcyclists Safe on the Road in San Diego, CA


Automobile accidents involving motorcycles are more common than you might think. Not only do they cause destruction to both vehicles, but because motorcycle drivers have very few barriers between them and the outside world, they can cause serious injuries and even death. One of the best ways to avoid these types of accidents is for automobile drivers to simply be more aware of motorcycle riders who share the road with you. Here are some tips to keep in mind, brought to you by Altra Insurance Services, a trusted provider of motorcycle insurance.

Be Extra Cautious at Intersections

The most serious automobile and motorcycle accidents usually occur at intersections, which is why many experts recommend looking twice before making a left turn—once for other cars and once for motorcycles that may be harder to spot. If you do make a left turn into a motorcycle driver, there’s no barrier between your bumper and the rider’s body. Unfortunately, these accidents are often fatal or leave the motorcycle driver with serious injuries.

Drive Extra Carefully During Nighttime & Bad Weather

Everyone should drive extra carefully when it’s dark or raining outside, but these conditions can make roads even more dangerous for motorcycle drivers. At night, turn off your high-beams when you pass a motorcycle just like you would when you pass any other vehicle. Wind and rain can make driving more difficult for all types of vehicles, but this is especially true for motorcycle riders. Again, be extra cautious. If visibility is bad due to rain, make sure you stay on the lookout for motorcycles riding in front of you, especially when they stop at lights and stop signs.

Treat Motorcycles Like You Would Any Other Vehicle

Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, but they have just as much right to share the road with you as a car or truck. Obey the same traffic rules you would with other vehicles. Never share a lane with a motorcycle. Even though they’re small, they still get to take up the same space a car would. If you pass a motorcycle rider, only do so where passing is allowed. Use your turn signal and allow plenty of space between yourself and the rider. Passing a motorcycle too closely creates a wind force that makes it difficult for the bike to stay on the road.

Leave Some Space

Even if you aren’t passing a motorcycle, it’s important to leave plenty of space between the two vehicles. Motorcycles can brake quickly, and if you’re driving right behind one, you may not be able to stop in time to prevent a collision. Motorcycle riders may also need extra space within their lanes to swerve to avoid objects in the road, such as a pothole.

Double-Check Your Blind Spots

You already know you shouldn’t rely only on your mirrors to see the traffic around you, and this can be especially dangerous if a motorcycle is in your blind spot, because it’s smaller and blends in with the surrounding scenery better than a car or truck. Always double-check your blind spots before changing lanes.

Even if you’re careful on the road and watching for motorcycles, the risk of accidents still exists, which means you need to be protected with reliable car insurance Chula Vista drivers can reach out to Altra Insurance Services for the coverage they need. Call 619-474-6666 to speak with one of our friendly agents.

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