8 Items to Keep in Your Car in Case of Emergency
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8 Things to Keep in Your Car in Case of an Emergency

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8 Essential Items for Roadside Emergencies in San Diego, CA


No one ever plans to have an emergency or find themselves stranded, but of course it happens. You may find yourself in a roadside emergency even if your car is well maintained. For example, you might blow a tire or get into an accident. The auto insurance experts at Altra Insurance suggest keeping the following items in your car in case you ever find yourself in an emergency. 

1. First Aid Kit 

One of the most important things to have in your car is a well-equipped first aid kit you can easily reach in an emergency. The kit should contain instant cold packs, gauze, tweezers, scissors, bandages, and antiseptic. 

2. Jumper Cables 

A dead battery is one of the most common reasons motorists get stranded. Be prepared by keeping a set of jumper cables in the car. You should have no difficulty finding someone who wants to give you a jump, but other drivers can’t help you if you aren’t prepared. To jumpstart your car, you need to attach the positive and negative terminals to someone else’s battery. 

3. Water Bottles 

If you find yourself stranded, you’ll appreciate having a way to stay hydrated. Water isn’t just for drinking, though. It can also be added to the radiator if your engine overheats, or it can be used to clean off your clothes and hands. 

4. Emergency Flares 

You don’t have much choice about where you’ll find yourself stranded. When you get stuck on a blind curve or along a busy highway, emergency flares ensure other drivers can see you. Don’t rely on emergency blinkers alone. 

5. Flashlight 

It’s wise to keep a large, waterproof flashlight in the trunk in case you have a nighttime emergency. You’ll be able to see what you’re doing, especially if you need to look under your hood. 

6. Gas Container 

Keep a small gas container that can hold one or two gallons of gasoline in case you run out of gas and find yourself stuck. While many larger gas stations sell gas containers, this isn’t something you can count on. 

7. Spare Tire and Tools 

Another common roadside emergency scenario is a flat tire. Keep a spare tire on hand and know how to install it if you need to. Along with the flat tire, you should have a set of tools to remove the bad tire and install the spare. You’ll need a wrench or tire iron, a jack, and a pipe. 

8. Escape Tool 

Just in case you’re trapped in your car or submerged in water, an auto escape tool can help you quickly and easily break the window. These tools have sharp steel tips that can break a window with one or two blows. They also have a blade to cut through a seat belt in an emergency.

In the event of an accident, make sure you also have adequate auto insurance. Contact Altra Insurance Services today to see if you have the coverage you need. We are also a leading provider of motorcycle, renters, and home insurance. San Diego residents can call (800) 719-9972 today to receive a free quote.



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