Can You Fight an At-Fault Accident?
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Disputing Fault for a Car Accident

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Can You Fight an At-Fault Accident in San Diego, CA


If you fail to operate a vehicle with reasonable care, you can harm others, including pedestrians, other drivers, and passengers. In these cases, you’re generally at fault if there’s an accident, which could lead to legal and monetary consequences. However, there are ways to fight an at-fault accident instead of assuming you have to be unfairly blamed. Here’s some advice from the professionals at Altra Insurance, providers of car insurance San Diego drivers trust for reliable, high-quality service.

Notify Your Insurance Provider Immediately

Whether you contact an insurance provider via telephone, email, or a written document sent by mail, it’s vital to let the provider know you disagree with the at-fault claim immediately. Otherwise, the process could begin, and your provider will look into what options are available in terms of your policy. However, letting an insurance company know you intend to fight the at-fault claim and present information or evidence to back your dispute could pause the process. The record of disagreement could be beneficial later and revise the original claim and findings.

Look into Technical Issues

Not all at-fault accident determinations are always accurate, meaning the driver may not be responsible for the incident. For example, if the traffic light was broken and you drove through a presumably green light, you may be able to dispute the claim. If you or an experienced attorney can prove there were technical difficulties and you followed all laws and requirements, you may not be required to cover damages to other vehicles, drivers, and passengers. However, this isn’t always a simple task, which is why you should invest the time into getting legal help when disputing your claim.

Take Photos

In many cases, you could miss vital details that prove you did everything correctly and aren’t at fault for an accident. There are many reasons you might miss details, such as cloudy or rainy weather, shock, or fear and intimidation. It would be best to take photos, allowing you to evaluate everything when your mind and vision are clearer. While inspecting the images, you can look for things like skid marks showing the other driver made a mistake or unsafe choice as well as photos that give better insight into the actual damage done, as opposed to what the driver and his or her insurance company claim took place.

Contact Witnesses

Sometimes even photos can miss important details, especially those that occurred while you and the other driver were behind the wheels of your vehicles. However, witnesses play an important role because they can validate a driver’s claim and prove you’re genuinely not at fault. Get the names of all witnesses who are willing to speak up regarding the accident. If possible, record their statements or write down the details they provide. When going over your incident with an attorney or insurance provider, you can give this information to fight an at-fault accident.

Whether you’ve been in an accident or not, it’s important to make sure you find the most affordable auto insurance National City to protect yourself in the future. If you need affordable, reliable car insurance, look no further than the trustworthy pros at Altra Insurance Services. We can take care of a variety of your insurance needs, including motorcycle, homeowners, and business insurance. Give us a call today at (800) 719-9972 to find out more about our high-quality insurance products and impeccable service.

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