How to Save Money When You Fill Up on Gas
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How to Save Money When You Fill Up on Gas

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Saving Money on Gas in San Diego, CA


According to AAA, the average household spends nearly $1,500 every year on gas. You probably don’t realize just how big a bite gasoline takes out of your budget, but a few easy steps can help you save hundreds every year while reducing fuel emissions. Here are several effective ways to save money on gas, brought to you by the trusted provider of car insurance, National City car owners can rely on, at Altra Insurance Services.

Shop Around for Lower Prices

Gas prices can vary a great deal from one station to the next, even right across the street from each other. Track local prices with GasBuddy, which aggregates price information from users, to find the nearest station with the best price. You can also save by filling up at Costco, where prices can be up to $0.45 per gallon lower.

Change Your Driving Habits

According to Edmunds, it’s possible to use up to 37 percent less fuel just by changing the way you drive. Avoid hard accelerations, brake slowly, and maintain a steady speed when driving. Consumer Reports found that going from 55 to 65mph loses 4-8 mpg, and increasing your speed to 75mph reduces your fuel economy by another 5-7 mpg.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Improperly inflated tires can increase the risk of a blowout or accident, but your tires also affect your fuel economy. Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure helps them last longer while boosting your gas mileage by 0.6 to 3 percent.

Use a Rewards Credit Card

If your credit card gives you rewards when you buy gas, make sure you use it and pay off the balance in full each month. Many cards offer up to 5 percent cash back on gasoline purchases. With some cards, you only earn the boosted rewards on gas for a specific period, such as one quarter of the year. To maximize your savings, buy gas gift cards in the gas station before your boosted rewards rate expires.

Use Discounted Gift Cards

You can save money with a rewards card at the gas station, but you may save even more by purchasing discounted gift cards before you fill up. Discounted gas gift cards are available from websites like Raise and usually have a discount of 2-3 percent. If you use a rewards credit card to make the purchase, the discount will be stacked, allowing you to save up to 8 percent or more.

Get a Tune-Up

Regular tune-ups and maintenance help your vehicle burn less fuel while preventing future issues. It’s possible for a tune-up to increase your gas mileage by 4 percent or more. Simply changing out a dirty air filter could boost efficiency by 10 percent. A tune-up may even detect a more serious issue with your car like a bad oxygen sensor, which could result in even more significant fuel savings.

Now that you’re saving money on gas, get in touch with Altra Insurance Services to find out how you can save even more on auto insurance. We are also a leading provider of motorcycle, commercial, and home insurance. National City families can get a free quote by calling today at (800) 719-9972.

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