Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer of 2020
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Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

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Making Your Pool Ready for Summer in San Diego, CA


As the days grow longer and the sun starts to pour down waves of heat, pool owners everywhere grow anxious to take off their tops. Pool tops, that is. Before the days grow too warm, there are several necessary steps to getting a pool ready for summer. Even though you may be in a hurry to uncover your pool, taking your time and getting your pool ready properly can save you time and money in the long run. The professionals from Altra Insurance Services, a trustworthy provider of homeowners insurance San Diego residents rely on for high-quality service, advise homeowners to follow these steps for getting their pools ready the right way.

Drain and Remove the Cover

Draining the cover is essential to prevent tearing and unnecessary unsanitary water from leaking into your pool. It also makes the rest of the pool-opening process run smoothly.

Fill the Pool

Your pool probably lost a good portion of water during the off-season. Simply pull your hose up to the pool and fill. This process could take several hours or several days, depending on the amount of water lost. If too much water was lost, contact your local pool delivery service and have them fill up your pool.

Clean the Filters

Clean out any baskets or parts of the filtration system that were left outside during the past year. For pool owners working with a sand filter, backwash the filter to make sure the sand is clean and the filter is running properly. Before giving your pool a good cleaning, making sure the filters are clean is crucial to preventing bacteria from getting into the water.

Vacuum and Skim the Pool

After the long off-season, your pool will be in need of a good scrub. Once you’ve made sure all filters are working properly and filled the pool back up, it’s time to vacuum the pool. During this step of the process, it may even become necessary to scrub some of the algae or residue by hand. However, if your pool was covered properly and only exposed to minimal weather conditions, a good vacuuming should be enough to clean it.

Shock the Pool

If you have a chlorine pool, you’ll need to shock the pool, which keeps away algae buildup that may have crept up during the springtime. Shocking is also a good idea because it kills unwanted bacteria, making sure your pool is safe to swim in for your family and friends.

Blow Up a Few Floaties

The final step in opening your pool for the summer is to take out the tubes and floaties from storage, blow them up, and get them in the pool. Once you’ve completed all the steps, your pool is ready for you to enjoy.

Taking the time to get your pool ready the right way can save a lot of money and aggravation, and so can having reliable homeowners insurance. For affordable home insurance, call on the trustworthy agents at Altra Insurance Services. We also offer several various types of coverage, including renters and commercial, car insurance National City. Local residents are encouraged to give us a call today at 619-474-6666.

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