How Do You Prepare to Drive on the Highway for the First Time?
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How Do I Prepare for My First Time Driving on a Highway?

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After you’ve perfected driving around town, it’s time to move to the expressway. However, it would help to prepare before hitting the highway. The objective is to eliminate fear and other factors preventing you from safely traveling to your destination. Here are some tips to help you prepare to drive on the highway for the first time, brought to you by Altra Insurance Services, a premier provider of auto insurance San Diego drivers trust for high-quality service and reliable, affordable coverage.

Make Sure You Have No Distractions

Driving while listening to the radio may be normal, but if you’re a first-time freeway driver, avoid turning it on. Operating the vehicle with a parent, a professional instructor, or another excellent motorist is always best. Both hands must always remain on the wheel, so don’t eat food or drink beverages while driving. If you have these distractions while driving, you’ll focus on them more than the expressway, preventing you from paying attention in crucial situations, such as merged traffic, an unexpected flat tire, road damage, or the presence of law enforcement.

Maintain Safe Driving Habits

Many car accidents on the freeway are due to insufficient driving space between vehicles. Proper following distance helps you maintain control of the car should you need to slow down or suddenly stop. You should also follow speed limits. Driving too fast is illegal and can lead to license suspension, fines, possible jail time, and avoidable accidents.

Remaining in the right lane is always best for first-time highway drivers, regardless of the time you get on the road or any weather condition. As you become familiar with the expressway, you can move to other lanes with ease and confidence.

Stay Calm

Remaining calm is one of the most important factors associated with highway driving, especially for beginners. Negative emotions can put you at higher risk for accidents. Therefore, avoid getting on the expressway for the first time during bad weather, such as rain or sleet. When roads are wet, you could be more fearful, and your reaction time could decrease due to the reduced friction between the road surface and your car’s tires.

Giving yourself adequate traveling time is essential. Staving off negative emotions, such as agitation about being late, anger at heavy traffic, or the fear of bad weather conditions, could help you remain calm while driving on the highway for the first time.

Select a Less Busy Time

As a beginner, it’s good to avoid heavy traffic. Instead, select time frames when traffic is less congested. Doing so allows you to navigate the road without harming yourself and other passengers or drivers.

The least busy times will vary based on your residence and destination. In many instances, the best time is after six o’clock in the evening. However, if a popular event occurs that evening, you could experience a rush. When it comes to the morning hours, most roads are busiest before nine o’clock. 

Your insurance agent can provide you with additional safety information and tips as you get used to driving on busy highways. If you’re looking for reliable car insurance and high-quality service, call on the trustworthy agents from Altra Insurance Services. We can also provide you with motorcycle, renters, and home insurance. San Diego residents should give us a call today at (619) 404-6311.

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