What Should You Look for in Motorcycle Insurance?
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Essential Elements of Motorcycle Insurance

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What Should You Look for in Motorcycle Insurance in San Diego, CA


Just because you have insurance for your car doesn’t mean this coverage extends to your motorcycle, unless you’ve added it to your policy. Otherwise, you’ll need insurance specifically for your motorcycle to be properly covered in the event of an accident or another situation in which you may be injured and your bike might be damaged. Below, we go over what to look for in motorcycle insurance as you sort through your options to determine what you need.

Liability Coverage

The first thing to look for with motorcycle coverage is the right amount of liability coverage. This is what covers you if you have an accident that’s your fault while riding your bike. How much liability coverage you’ll need varies by state. In California, it’s a minimum of $15,000.

Collision & Comprehensive Coverage

Any type of damage to your motorcycle can be a major expense. What collision and comprehensive coverage does is cover your expenses when there’s a need to repair or replace your bike, regardless of fault. You may still end up paying some costs out of pocket based on your deductible. However, if an accident wasn’t your fault, you might be able to file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance to recover what you had to pay.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

Don’t overlook this type of coverage because you could be in an accident with someone who has no insurance or insufficient coverage. If this happens, you may have to deal with significant injury-related expenses and other costs you’ll have to absorb.

This type of coverage is important for bikers, since it’s not unusual for truck or car owners to only have the minimum coverage required. This is worth noting, since many motorcycle accidents involve collisions with larger vehicles. The problem is minimum coverage typically doesn’t cover all the medical expenses related to a more serious motorcycle accident. Uninsured/underinsured coverage gives you a much-appreciated safety net for those “just in case” moments. Look for motorcycle insurance that includes as much coverage of this nature as you can afford.

Coverage Sufficient for Your Bike

One other thing to look for with motorcycle insurance is the amount of coverage appropriate for your bike. If you have an older motorcycle you only ride occasionally, you should be fine with minimum requirements plus uninsured/underinsured coverage. On the flip side of things, if you have a higher-end bike you regularly ride, it makes sense to look for a more comprehensive policy. Also with motorcycle insurance, consider:

• The age of your bike
• The replacement value of your motorcycle
• Your riding frequency

Additionally, consider location and related risks that apply to you as you explore your options with motorcycle coverage. For instance, regularly riding in city traffic presents more risks than what’s common in rural areas for bikers.

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