What Should I Do After A Motorcycle Accident?
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Essential Things You Should Do After a Motorcycle Accident

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What You Should Do if You're in a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego, CA


The number of motorcyclists on the road has increased in recent years, which means more riders are at risk of being involved in an accident. Because motorcycles are less visible than cars and offer less protection, the risk of being injured or killed while driving a motorcycle has also increased. If an accident should occur, be prepared by knowing what steps to take to get the necessary assistance.

Call the Police

Depending on the state where the accident occurs, you may be required to contact the police, even if the accident is a minor one. If it’s not required to have the police come to the site of the accident, it’s still a good idea to do so. The police can write a report listing the time of the accident, the parties involved, who was at fault, the insurance information of all parties involved, and witness information.

Get Medical Attention if Needed

Immediately get medical assistance if you’re injured in an accident. Call 911 if it’s an emergency. Injuries from a motorcycle accident may include: 

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Road rash or burns
  • Fractures
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Crushed limbs that may require amputation

Some medical problems, such as a concussion, back pain, or neck pain, may not manifest until days or weeks after the accident occurred. If delayed pain occurs, visit a doctor to get medical care. Make sure to keep all medical documentation for insurance purposes.

Collect as Much Evidence as Possible

If your injuries are minor, take the time to collect evidence at the scene, as this may be helpful when talking with the insurance company or an attorney later on. This evidence may include: 

  • A list of witnesses, a statement from each witness, and contact information
  • Documentation of the place, time, date, the weather information at the time of the accident, whether any obstacles or hazards were present at the scene, the types of vehicles, and the number of people involved

In addition to collecting the information listed above, do the following if possible:

  • Take pictures (from a variety of angles) of your bike, the vehicle or object it collided with, and anything that may have been involved in the crash, such as a stop sign or stop light
  • Document injuries and take pictures if possible

Contact Your Insurance Company

It’s best to contact your motorcycle insurance San Diego within 24 hours of the accident. Give them all of the information, including the insurance information from the other parties involved in the accident. The insurance company will open a claim to help you get any care you might need as well as to fix or replace your bike.

Talk to an Attorney

Most insurance companies have legal assistance that helps with getting claims paid and securing compensation for vehicle repairs and medical care. If not, you may need to contact a professional attorney with experience in representing people who have been in motorcycle accidents.

If you’re in any kind of vehicle accident, the most important thing is to make sure everyone is safe and gets medical attention right away if it’s needed. Then follow the other steps listed above to make sure legal requirements are met and your interests are protected. If you need affordable, reliable motorcycle insurance, reach out to the experienced agents at Altra Insurance Services. We also offer several other types of insurance, including homeowners, renters, and auto insurance Chula Vista. Local residents should call us today at (800) 719-9972.

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