What Are the Most Common Driving Test Fails?
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Most Common Mistakes People Make on Driving Tests

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Although driving is common, it takes work. The test to earn your license is even more challenging for many people. However, with patience, practice, and avoiding some of the mistakes mentioned below, it’s achievable. The main objective is to stay focused. Remaining confident and following the rules can lead to a passed test. Read on to learn about the most common mistakes that cause people to fail driving tests, brought to you by the professionals from Altra Insurance Services, a premier provider of auto and motorcycle insurance San Diego residents trust for dependable, affordable coverage.

Incomplete Stops

One of the most common failures is rolling through a stop sign. While taking their driving tests, some individuals continue their habit of slowing down but not coming to a complete stop. Doing this is an automatic way to fail a driver’s test. To avoid the mistake, you must slow down as you pull up to a stop sign and come to a full and complete stop behind the white line. After looking both ways and verifying there’s no incoming traffic, you can continue driving. Practice beforehand and avoid improper habits like partial halts or going beyond the white line.

Improper Freeway Merging

Many drivers fail due to their inability to merge onto the freeway appropriately. One of the most common freeway mistakes a new driver makes is stopping at the end of the ramp when approaching the highway. This can lead to a dangerous situation for you and other drivers. Therefore, always merge into traffic at the speed of the other cars, keep both hands on the steering wheel, and check vehicles around you before entering the highway. Find a three- or four-second gap when merging into traffic, and only stop if halting is completely necessary to avoid an accident or another dangerous situation.

Driving Too Fast or Slow

Speed limits exist for a reason, and not following those limits can lead to accidents, injuries, and a failed driving test. People often respond to aggressive drivers who are speeding, driving recklessly, and switching in and out of lanes. Don’t let another driver force you into driving at an illegal and unsafe speed. When you can, switch lanes safely and allow the aggressive driver to go around.

However, avoiding speeding doesn’t give you the right to drive too slowly, either. This could also lead to a failed driving test. The tester may see this as you questioning your abilities, which puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Distracted Driving

Multitasking while driving is common and generally leads to a failed driving test. Always focus on traffic instead of telephones, tablets, radios, food, and other passengers. Merely taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds could lead to wrecks and other dangerous incidents.

Keep your radio and cell phone off during the test to avoid mistakes like these. Doing so allows you to focus on the tasks at hand, which are concentrating on the road and getting from point A to point B safely.

Being prepared for your driving test means understanding what it takes to drive safely and avoid incidents on the road. If you’re ever in an accident, you’ll need the protection of reliable car insurance. San Diego drivers rely on Altra Insurance Services for high-quality service and affordable coverage that offers peace of mind. Call one of our friendly agents at  (619) 404-6311 today for a free quote.

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