What’s the Greatest Risk to You as a Motorcyclist?
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Navigating Road Risks: Strategies for Motorcyclist Safety

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As a motorcyclist, you likely take every precaution to stay safe on the road. Smaller vehicles are simply harder for other drivers to spot, and you never know when you might encounter hazardous road conditions. Unsurprisingly, the greatest risk you face on the road is other drivers. In addition to purchasing adequate motorcycle insurance, San Diego motorcyclists should wear helmets and protective gear and take these precautions to avoid being caught in a collision.

Learn How to Recognize Distracted Drivers

Just about every motorcyclist has a story about encountering a driver who was too distracted by his or her cell phone to pay attention to safety. Unfortunately, drivers who are staring at screens are more likely to veer into your lane. In many cases, distracted drivers swerve in a way that resembles driving while intoxicated. Recognizing what distracted driving looks like allows you to maneuver your motorcycle away from the driver once it’s safe to do so.

Watch Out for Drivers Making Careless Turns

Intersections are where the majority of motorcycle and car collisions occur. Red light runners are a big concern for motorcyclists, and you’ll want to check both directions before proceeding through an intersection on a green light. You should also stay alert for drivers who make poor decisions when they’re turning left on unprotected green lights or choosing to turn right on red. You can do your part to help other drivers see you during these turns by wearing highly visible clothing and using lights on your bike, but you’ll also need to scan these areas as you enter an intersection.

Leave Plenty of Space for Panic Stops

Drivers may stop abruptly for many reasons, and some of them might also help you stay safe. For instance, seeing a driver stop quickly could indicate a pedestrian is using a crosswalk or that there’s an unavoidable hazard in the street. However, the last thing you want to do is run into the car in front of you. Maintaining a safe distance is best for avoiding rear-end accidents.

Keep an Eye on Your Rear View Mirror

You also need to worry about other drivers hitting you from behind. As you’ve likely learned in your motorcyclist training, always stay as predictable as possible. Making sure your bike has functioning brake lights is also important. Still, a distracted driver may continue moving toward you when you’re stopped at a light. Or someone might skid into your bike in wet road conditions. Keeping an eye on your rear view allows you to move out of the way of drivers who are approaching you too fast to stop.

Be Cautious in Areas with On-Street Parking

While you might think you’d be safe around parked cars, this isn’t necessarily the case. People who are exiting their vehicles may inadvertently open their car doors right as you’re driving by. On tight roads, this could cause you to lay your bike down or sustain an injury from the car door. Staying as close as you can to the middle of the lane as you drive in downtown areas helps you avoid this issue.

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