Learning About Auto Liability Insurance [2020 Update]
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What Is Auto Liability Insurance? [ 2020 Updated]

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Understanding Auto Liability Insurance in San Diego, CA


More than 490,000 motor vehicle accidents were reported by the California Department of Transportation in 2016, a figure that suggests more than 1,300 collisions taking place in a single day, which means proof of auto liability insurance is investigated in the Golden State hundreds of times a day. The concept of liability in the auto insurance world refers to the potential damage and injury a driver can cause. Knowing what this feature of San Diego auto insurance policies covers is important for drivers who wish to understand what they get in exchange for their premium payments.

The Risk of Financial Loss

Operating a motor vehicle is an exercise in risk management. Each car rolling down the freeways of the United States represents a potential for financial loss that can be caused by accidents. A road collision can result in hospital bills, car repairs, lost income, property damage, and legal fees, which are the risks liability insurance protects against.

Liability Coverage Protects All Drivers

Even though liability coverage is intended to pay for the damage and injuries you may cause to others, the protection this policy feature provides also covers you. In California, liability coverage is enhanced by uninsured and underinsured motorist provisions that protect in case of a hit-and-run situation or when other drivers involved in accidents aren’t adequately insured.

Liability Coverage Is the Law

California is just one of many states that require all drivers to have at least liability coverage, and that means buying car insurance. San Diego drivers are accustomed to presenting proof of valid insurance because it’s an absolute requirement when renewing vehicle license plates and registration as well as when financing the purchase of a new car. Driving without an auto insurance policy that features minimum liability coverage is against the law in California.

Types of Liability Coverage

Two standard types of auto insurance liability coverage are offered in every state: bodily injury and property damage. State insurance commissioners may require drivers to obtain additional types of liability coverage. As previously mentioned, legal provisions in California make uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage mandatory for most drivers. Insurance regulators also set the financial limits of coverage based on market research conducted by actuaries.

Liability Coverage Is Just One Feature of Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance policy can provide a lot more protection than just liability coverage, which in most cases is the minimum amount of protection you can get. This coverage won’t offer protection for your own car in case of an accident, and it may fall short of covering legal expenses in a lawsuit. If you’d like to really feel protected as a driver, you should ask your insurance agent about additional coverage options and comprehensive policies that may include extras, such as roadside assistance, zero deductibles, increased limits, and collision coverage.

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