Is It Okay to Let Someone Borrow Your Car?
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Should I Allow Someone to Borrow My Car?

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Is It Okay to Let Someone Borrow Your Car in San Diego, CA


You may be reluctant to allow friends and family members to drive your car for quick errands or more prolonged situations, such as going on vacation or to and from work every day while waiting to have their vehicles repaired or purchase new ones. This hesitation isn’t due to the trustworthiness of the individual but primarily because of the uncertainty about accidents and other situations that could affect your current insurance policy. Continue reading to learn how letting someone borrow your car could impact your auto insurance in Chula Vista.

Listing the Driver on Your Policy

Listing another driver on your policy could increase the likelihood your vehicle will be covered if the other person is driving your car. However, the individual will need to live in your home to be covered and typically needs to be a relative, but this requirement varies. Therefore, it’s best to add the individual to your insurance policy as a driver. Doing so allows the person to borrow your car and gives you more peace of mind. It will also allow the individual to drive with more confidence.

When the Other Person Has Insurance

Regardless of whether the person who borrows your car has coverage, your policy will generally be the primary form of coverage when it comes to the insured vehicle. The driver who borrowed your car must typically be found at fault before your coverage will go into effect. However, suppose your friend or family member isn’t at fault. In that case, the other driver’s insurance policy should cover the costs of all damages and injuries to drivers and passengers. Keep in mind that if your policy explicitly prohibits non-listed drivers from operating the vehicle, it’s a bad idea to let someone borrow your car, even if the individual has insurance coverage.

Insurance Types

In many states, auto insurance may cover drivers not listed on your policy, depending on your purchased type of coverage. For example, most providers will cover the damage if you have collision or comprehensive coverage. However, this isn’t always the case, which is why you should verify this information before handing your keys to a friend or family member and permitting the person to drive your vehicle. Knowing the details of your policy is necessary to avoid costly errors or make changes when necessary.

State Laws

The laws in each state are generally different regarding insurance policies, automotive accidents and injuries, and more. For example, some states set minimum coverage levels that may be lower than those in your state, meaning if your out-of-state friend has an accident while driving your vehicle with permission, he or she may not have enough coverage for the damages. Therefore, it’s best to find out about out-of-state coverage rules and regulations from your insurance provider before giving anyone permission to drive your vehicle, even if you’re a passenger at the time. 

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