Is Homeowners Insurance Going Up because of Inflation?
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How Inflation Is Driving Up Homeowners Insurance Rates & How to Save

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One factor behind an increase in insurance rates for homeowners is inflation, which is also linked to more expensive claims. When policyholders want to reduce expenses, they can explore options such as raising their deductibles. Here are a few ways inflation is driving up homeowners insurance rates and how homeowners can minimize those rising costs.

Building Materials

The prices of building materials may be determined by inflation during the project’s life cycle. During periods of inflation, some companies make it more challenging to access necessary building materials. The shortage of supplies will cause the rates of current products to rise.

Repairing properties and replacing personal items becomes even more challenging for construction companies and businesses due to the current market. However, insurance providers will continue to honor their policies but may need to increase the costs of coverage to do so.

Higher Labor Expenses

Obtaining products for repairs and replacement is one thing. However, the need to fix those issues still exists. Therefore, the labor expenses will also rise. When the incomes of workers increase during times of inflation, your homeowners insurance rates could as well.

The increased labor costs impact various roles, including builders, repair workers, accountants, marketing representatives, and other employees. It’s best to speak with an insurance provider about potential increases before enrolling so you can pre-plan as much as possible.


Although prices are increasing, the need for homeowners insurance hasn’t stopped. Many times, more people are purchasing houses, as opposed to renting homes or apartments. As a result, the demand for products can cause an increase in insurance rates.

Although the costs may be higher, the benefits that come with homeowners insurance coverage make it worth the increase. For example, without a policy, the costs associated with damage to your personal property inside the house or damage to the home’s structure could be too expensive to replace or repair. Therefore, having insurance coverage for all or the majority of replacements and repairs is well worth paying a higher premium.

Taking Advantage of Policy Bundles

One of the most effective ways to decrease your premiums is to look for discounts for multiple policies bundled together instead of holding multiple accounts with different providers. For example, your current insurer may offer both home and auto insurance coverage, allowing you to check for discounts if you decide to purchase both policies from the same provider.

Keep in mind the discounts for some of these bundles could apply to other types of valuables. For instance, if you don’t own an automobile but have a boat, you may be eligible for a discounted policy when buying coverage for your home and boat from the same insurance provider. It’s always best to speak with the insurer to see what options are available to you, especially due to the impact of inflation.

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