Should I File an Auto Insurance Claim for a Dent?
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Is It Worth Claiming on Car Insurance for a Dent?

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Is It Worth Claiming on Car Insurance for a Dent in San Diego, CA


Dents and dings happen frequently to cars. Often, the causes for these dents are unknown. If you have full coverage, your insurance may cover a dent. However, it’s important to understand if filing a claim is truly worth it. Here’s some advice from the insurance experts at Altra Insurance Services, providers of reliable, affordable car insurance San Diego drivers rely on for outstanding service.

Claiming a Dent on Car Insurance

If the dent is covered by your insurance provider, you’ll most likely have increased premiums after filing a claim. You’ll be deemed at fault for the dent unless you know who made it or have proof someone else caused it. You’ll have to pay for the repairs in this case if you only have liability insurance. If you have full coverage, the dent may be covered, but this depends on your insurance policy. 

Taking Your Vehicle to an Auto Repair Shop

Fixing a dent may only be a minor cost for you. In many cases, it might cost as little as $50, depending on the dent. If there’s no severe damage, it will save you in the long run to just take your vehicle to an auto repair shop and pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. You could even fix it yourself if you have the skills necessary to do so. Avoiding a claim prevents you from having to pay your deductible and seeing your premiums go up. 

Avoiding Dents in Your Car

There are ways to avoid getting dents in your car if you want it to look as pristine as possible without the repair costs. Try to park away from other vehicles so your car doesn’t get dinged when other people open their car doors. Make sure you open your car door carefully and give yourself plenty of room. Also, try to avoid driving on roads with gravel that can damage your vehicle. 

Filing a Claim for Dents

If you decide filing a claim for the dents in your vehicle is the best option for you, contact your insurance agency as soon as possible. Make sure you have photographic evidence of the dents, and fill out all the necessary paperwork. Be honest with the appraiser about the dents you believe deserve a claim, and stay in contact throughout the process. 

It may not always be necessary to file a claim for a dent in your vehicle, and it may be less expensive to fix it yourself or take it to a repair shop. Try to avoid dents in your vehicle to keep it as pristine as possible.

It’s always critical to make sure you have reliable insurance for your vehicle. If you need affordable, high-quality auto motorcycle or auto insurance Chula Vista, trust the experienced team at Altra Insurance Services. For a free quote, reach out to us today at 619-474-6666.

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