6 Ways to Keep Your Car From Being Stolen
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6 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen

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How to Protect Your Vehicle from Theft in San Diego, CA


Statistics indicate the rate of vehicle break-ins and thefts are continually rising, which impacts the rate of auto insurance. San Diego vehicle owners need to make conscious efforts to prevent issues such as these. Luckily, there are several simple preventive methods that can deter potential theft.

1. Store the Car in the Garage

The most likely targets are vehicles parked in a driveway or on the street. Thieves can enter these vehicles quickly, remove the contents, and escape the area within moments. Keeping your vehicle parked safely in the garage is a great way to avoid attracting attention. City dwellers might want to consider renting a spot in a protected and secured garage or parking lot.

2. Lock It

Locking the doors before leaving the vehicle is a simple solution in many cases. However, some vehicle owners don’t take the time to lock their car. Perhaps they figure they will only be gone for a few minutes. However, this is enough time for a thief to enter the vehicle. Thieves commonly pull on door handles to see if vehicles are unlocked. Locked vehicles often deter them from taking any further action.

3. Hide Valuables

Resist the urge to keep purses, wallets, electronic devices, or other personal items within clear view. If you’re unwilling to take items with you when you leave the vehicle, store them in the trunk or the hidden storage compartment. Paperwork also attracts thieves. Bank statements, phone bills, or other documents displaying personal information serve as beacons for identity thieves.

4. Install a Wireless Monitoring System in Your Home

Consider installing some type of wireless monitoring system that clearly displays your parked vehicle. Baby monitors with audio and video capabilities are a good place to start. Comparably priced security cameras are another option. Keep in mind different security systems are equipped with varying features. Consider the distance at which the camera picks up video displays. Some also have infrared technology that ensures clear images day and night.

5. Choose Safe Parking Locations

Where you park your vehicle is another important consideration. Avoid parking vehicles in dark, desolate, or unsecured locations. Opt for highly visible, well-lit spaces. When parking on a street, park under or close to a street lamp. Choose spots where you are able to park facing the venue. Car thieves typically don’t want to take the time to go in reverse. When parked on the street, turn the wheels to the curb to make leaving more difficult. If in an unfamiliar location, scout out the safest parking option.

6. Pull a Spark Plug

If you need to park in a public location for an extended length of time, consider pulling a spark plug wire. Thieves in a hurry aren’t going to take the time to check under the hood to find the problem before hot-wiring the vehicle.

Make sure you’re adequately covered with auto insurance in the event your vehicle is broken into or stolen. Get in touch with Altra Insurance Services today to see if you need an updated policy. We are also a leading provider of reliable motorcycle insurance. San Diego residents can get a free insurance quote by calling (800) 719-9972 and speaking with one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents.

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