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Road Trip Safety Tips in Time for Spring Break

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Preparing for a Safe Road Trip During Spring Break in San Diego, CA


After Fort Lauderdale stopped being the hottest destination for spring breakers in the late 1980s, many other spots quickly emerged to take its place, and quite a few them are located overseas. However, in 2019, Cancun, Jamaica, and Cabo San Lucas have lost some of their spring break magic as more college students are showing interest in domestic destinations, such as Miami Beach, South Padre Island, and Panama City Beach. Part of the appeal of these new spring break meccas is that they’re within reasonable driving distance for many vacationers, and the prospect of a road trip with friends or family adds to the overall excitement. If you’re planning on driving to a destination for spring break, the following tips can help you get there safely.

Rent a Car

If you can only trust the vehicle you use for daily driving to go a few dozen miles, you’ll be better off with a rental. The current business climate for short-term auto leasing isn’t as flexible as it used to be. Make sure to check restrictions related to mileage and driving the car beyond state lines. A good strategy is to ask the rental office staff to provide you with all applicable rules in writing before discussing prices.

Talk with Your Insurance Agent

Whether you’re driving your own car or a rental, make sure you’re fully covered by insurance car insurance San Diego drivers should discuss their travel plans with their insurance agents. A rental car policy that provides you with coverage on a daily basis may not extend to others riding in the car, and it’s important to define who will be driving. Adding roadside assistance to your policy is highly recommended. Insurance agents may also be familiar with road conditions, speed traps, and other valuable information about your chosen destination.

Do Some Research

When spring breakers conduct research on the places they plan to visit, they tend to focus too much on amenities. Those who are driving should be thinking along the lines of road conditions, highway rest areas, weather, and potential risks. For example, in Panama City Beach, torrential rains that flood the roads aren’t uncommon during spring break. They creep up from the Gulf of Mexico and move very quickly inland.

Never Pick Up Hitchhikers

Criminals are known to pose as hitchhikers and target spring break vacationers. In some cases, drug smugglers take advantage of spring break to hitch rides with families or vacationers, thus appearing less suspicious during traffic stops operated by police departments.

Check Your Tires and Other Essentials

All tires in your vehicle, including the emergency spare, should be properly inflated and in good condition before the trip begins. If you’ve never changed a spare, practice at home or make sure your road trip companions will be able to do so. Don’t forget to check the turn signals, lights, and all fluids, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

If you’re hitting the road for spring break, make sure to pay attention to road conditions and other drivers, and drive carefully so you and your family arrive safely and ready to enjoy the holiday break. San Diego drivers who need reliable, affordable auto insurance National City should call Altra Insurance Services today at (800) 719-9972 for a free quote. We also offer a variety of other types of coverage, including motorcycle insurance in San Diego as well as homeowners and renters insurance.

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