How Long Can Your Car Go without Maintenance?
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How Far Can I Drive My Car without Having Maintenance Performed?

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How Far Can I Drive My Car without Having Maintenance Performed?


The majority of vehicle owners know regular maintenance keeps a car running for longer. Yet it’s also normal to question how often you really need to take your car into the shop, especially considering how modern technology is changing how long vehicles last. As a general rule, most cars need at least annual servicing, or you’ll need to take the car in every 10,000 miles. However, you’ll also want to consider a few other points to determine your car’s most effective maintenance schedule.

Consider the Age of Your Vehicle

Obviously, a car that’s brand-new will need less frequent care compared to one you’ve been driving for a decade. Usually, a newer car will only need some basic forms of maintenance, such as changing the oil and topping off the fluids. Over time, an older car could require more frequent care, especially if it develops leaks or shows signs of worn components. If you drive a classic car, this could even include inspections every time you plan to take it out for a spin or go to a show.

Recognize the Risks of Ignoring Maintenance

No one wants to spend a weekend afternoon at the auto shop. Or you might just dread the extra costs for repairs if a service tech finds something wrong. While these situations are frustrating, you could face more than the cost of an air filter if your car’s lack of maintenance leads to an accident. Many forms of maintenance ensure your car stays safe on the road. Replacing tires, brake pads, and other essential components at the first sign of serious wear can prevent accidents that require more time and money to repair.

Remember to Check Essentials between Service Visits

A lot can happen between annual service visits. Tire pressure can fluctuate when the temperatures change with the seasons. Or your car’s windshield wipers might need an update after a busy rainy season. Oil, windshield washer fluid, and coolant levels can also drop over time, especially in older vehicles prone to leaks. Most vehicle owners should check their cars’ fluids at least monthly, and daily or weekly tire checks are also recommended for staying safe, preventing accidents and keeping your auto insurance premiums from increasing. If you notice any new or unusual sounds or sensations coming from your car, you’ll also want to quickly arrange for professional diagnostic and maintenance services.

Follow the Owner’s Manual

When in doubt, you’ve got a handy way to figure out your car’s maintenance needs. The majority of vehicles come with owner’s manuals that help you figure out what needs to be done and when. Your auto maintenance service provider also keeps detailed records of when they work on your car along with how long you should go between visits. Following these recommendations helps you take care of your specific vehicle so it maintains optimum performance levels.

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