How Long Can a Car Go without an Oil Change?
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How Far Can I Drive My Car without Having the Oil Changed?

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How Long Can a Car Go without an Oil Change in San Diego, CA


In most cases, a car can go between 5,000 and 7,500 miles without needing to have the oil changed. However, it’s best to change the oil before you reach the point where you absolutely need to do so. It’s also worth noting that synthetic oil allows you to go a bit farther without changing your oil—around 10,000 miles, according to some estimates.

When to Change Your Oil More Often

There are some situations that warrant having your oil changed more frequently. For instance, if you drive in a lot of stop-and-go traffic, it’s a good idea to be more diligent about oil changes. Changing your oil sooner rather than later is also recommended if the following circumstances apply:

• You regularly travel long distances
• You drive in conditions where the temperature shifts from milder to freezing
• You use your vehicle to carry heavy loads
• You drive on roads with a lot of gravel and dust

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Oil

A burning smell is a common sign that it’s time to change your oil. Additionally, change your oil or have it done professionally if there’s a change in the color or consistency of your oil. Knocking noises coming from your engine are another sign an oil change is needed. Lastly, your check engine light may come on if there are issues related to your oil.

Why Oil Changes Are Important

Oil is essential because it keeps all the parts of your engine running smoothly. If you run your vehicle on dirty or old oil, you’ll be likely to experience frequent breakdowns and potentially costly repairs. Fresh oil reduces the risk of problems with your engine, extending its life and adding up to significant savings.

Speaking of savings, a well-lubricated engine burns fuel more efficiently, which means you can spend less money on gas. Poor-quality oil impacts your engine by contributing to potentially dangerous power issues. Problems of this nature are caused, in part, by increased friction because old or thicker oil is no longer able to lubricate your engine properly.

The Insurance Factor

It’s also worth noting that regular oil changes can be good for you when it comes to your car insurance in Chula Vista. If you’re experiencing frequent repair issues due to poor oil quality or a lack of sufficient oil changes, you may need to file more claims. This could also be the case if you end up getting into an accident because your engine fails due to a lack of fresh oil. 

No matter how long you drive your car, having adequate auto insurance is essential to protect yourself and your investment. For affordable, reliable car insurance, trust the professionals at Altra Insurance Services. In addition to auto insurance, we offer a wide range of insurance coverage, including business, homeowners, and motorcycle insurance. San Diego residents should give us a call today at (619) 404-6311 to learn how our commitment to personal service sets us apart from other insurance providers.

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