What Is Home Cyber Protection Coverage?
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What Is Cyber Protection for Homeowners?

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What Is Cyber Protection for Homeowners?


Home cyber protection coverage is a type of homeowners insurance that can protect you against the cost of data breaches and other cyberattacks. The federal government estimates that more than 30 million Americans had their identities stolen between 2005 and 2018, costing them nearly $100 billion in total losses (and those are only the reported cases). 

How much financial damage could happen to you? It’s impossible to predict how much it will cost if someone steals your identity. It could be anywhere from nothing to hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on what type of information was compromised. By protecting yourself with home cyber protection coverage, you’ll at least know your finances won’t suffer if something bad happens down the road because you’re prepared for it now.

What Does Home Cyber Protection Insurance Cover?

Home cyber protection coverage is a policy that provides protection for your home, its contents, and the people who live there. It covers losses resulting from a cyberattack, theft of personal information, and other property damage caused by hackers. The policy also covers theft of intellectual property (including trade secrets), damage to your computer or other devices, and business interruption expenses related to any of these types of losses. 

Home cyber protection insurance typically covers the following:

  • The cost of hiring a professional to remove malware from your computer or device or repair damage caused by malware
  • Damages if someone steals information from your computer or device and uses it for fraudulent purposes (such as identity theft)
  • Damages if someone accesses private information about you without permission (for example, by hacking into an email account)

Who Needs Home Cyber Protection Coverage?

If you have a computer, smartphone, or smart device in your household and you use the internet, then you should consider buying home cyber protection coverage. Home insurance policies typically include a clause that covers data breach damages, but it may not be enough for the full extent of what you’d like to protect. 

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and traditional home insurance policies may not provide adequate coverage for these types of incidents. Home cyber protection coverage can fill this gap by covering the costs associated with restoring your identity, covering legal fees, and providing compensation for financial losses that may result from a cyberattack. 

This type of insurance can also provide resources to help you prevent cyberattacks from happening in the first place, such as access to identity theft protection services, credit monitoring, and cybersecurity tips. If you want extra protection for your family, adding home cyber protection coverage is a good idea.

How Do You Obtain Home Cyber Protection Coverage?

Home cyber protection coverage can come in two forms: as an endorsement or rider attached to an existing homeowners insurance policy or as an entirely separate policy with its own set of terms and conditions. If you’re not sure whether your current home insurance policy covers cybercrime incidents at home or work, check with your agent before making any changes to your current policy.

It’s important to keep in mind that home cyber protection coverage isn’t a substitute for basic cybersecurity measures, such as using strong passwords, regularly updating your software, and backing up your data. Instead, it should be seen as an added layer of protection to mitigate the financial impact of a cyberattack. Overall, home cyber protection coverage is a valuable investment for anyone who values the security of their personal and financial information. With the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks, it’s a wise move to consider this coverage as part of your overall home insurance plan.

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