What’s a Bad Habit for Automatic Transmission?
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Habits to Avoid if Your Car Has an Automatic Transmission

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When driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you can drive your car safely, easily, and with great power. However, there are precautions to consider if you want to protect your vehicle and improve its acceleration. The gearbox is typically sensitive to the bad habits mentioned below, but avoiding these mistakes could keep it in good working condition.

Revving the Engine

Revving the engine will put more stress on your automatic transmission. Therefore, you should avoid doing this. Some individuals rev up the engine and immediately put the gearbox into drive, causing the clutch bands and packs to wear out. The lateral forces will go faster than the transmission is designed for, and the engine will accelerate, leading to more gas usage and a worn-out gearbox. Avoiding a mistake like this could benefit the bands on your transmission system and prevent the need to repair or replace it. A broken transmission is often irreparable, so it’s as necessary to take care of your vehicle as it is to have car insurance.

Driving in Neutral

Coasting in neutral, especially down steep slopes, may seem logical, but it can harm the gearbox. Driving in neutral can block the oil supply and slow the transmission’s progress, causing significant wear and tear and a lack of proper lubrication. Some people believe driving in neutral can save money. However, the repair cost could be well above the amount you intend to save on gas by coasting down hills or slopes.

Driving without Adequate Gas

Many drivers fail to ride with full gas tanks for various reasons, including lack of funds and time. While maintaining a full tank is unnecessary, driving on empty could negatively impact your automatic transmission. Lack of gas can cause a filter to become clogged, causing you to move with dirty fuel, which prevents the engine and gearbox from performing correctly. In some instances, riding on empty will block the fuel filter altogether, making it difficult for the transmission to switch gears.

Your car should run smoothly and not experience shaking and jolting. Always pay attention to your fuel light. Monitor the status consistently and make time to get gas or choose an alternative transportation option until you have the funds to purchase additional fuel.

Improper Maintenance Strategies

Checking fluid levels twice a year, installing a new pan gasket, and cleaning the filter are just some of the maintenance services an automotive transmission should receive. When you bypass maintenance routines, you could damage your gearbox, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. 

During services, dirt will be removed from your fluids, which includes metal shavings that typically build up as the vehicle operates. When the transmission fluid is contaminated, the transmission could stop functioning and put you and your passengers at risk. Regardless of whether a technician spots large or minor maintenance issues, handling them early could prevent mishaps from becoming life-threatening concerns later on.

When it comes to driving safely and keeping your car operating properly, bad habits aren’t just a potential source of inconvenience and cost. They could even pose a danger to you and other drivers, so don’t take a chance. At Altra Insurance Services, your safety is our primary concern. We provide reliable, affordable auto coverage as well as homeowners, renters, and motorcycle insurance. San Diego residents should call us today at (619) 404-6311.

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