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3 Upcoming Car Safety Features

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Advanced Auto Feature for Future in San Diego, CA


For fans of automotive technology and innovation, the first four months of each year mean a flurry of news and announcements coming out of auto shows around the world. Thus far in 2019, automakers have been dazzling attendants at the Geneva Motor Show, and they’re preparing even more surprises for the Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York auto expos later this year. While in recent years there has been a strong focus on electric cars and autonomous driving systems, advanced safety features are taking center stage in 2019. The professionals from Altra Insurance Services, a trusted provider of auto insurance San Diego drivers rely on for affordable coverage, are excited about these three amazing technological advancements to look for in the near future.

1. In-Vehicle Cameras to Monitor Intoxicated and Distracted Drivers

Swedish automaker Volvo has always been known for its dedication to safety, and its latest effort in this regard is also its most ambitious. The “Zero Deaths” objective of Volvo’s Vision 2020 initiative has gotten the attention of insurance company executives, who are already thinking about rolling out generous premium discounts for owners of vehicles equipped with the SPA2 platform, which essentially consists of cameras that monitor drivers for signs of inebriation, intoxication, and distraction. As explained by Volvo in preliminary announcements, the SPA2 system will look for sleepy eyes, erratic driving, and hands lingering away from the steering wheel before slowing down or even stopping the vehicle. In medical emergency situations, the system may even park the car in a safe spot and alert operators of the Volvo On Call service to dispatch assistance.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

The field of telematics has advanced to the point where nearly every new vehicle rolling off the assembly line after 2020 will gather, transmit, and process driving data. WayRay, an auto tech firm based in Switzerland, wants drivers to benefit from telematics on a real-time basis through augmented-reality holograms displayed on the windshield. Heads-up display technology is nothing new, but WayRay is taking things further by running the data through artificial intelligence. For example, drivers could be alerted to accidents ahead along with recommendations to slow down or take alternate routes to increase safety and avoid delays.

3. Driver Assist Technology as a Standard Feature

Car buyers looking for driver assist technology often have to request luxury trim packages, thus inflating the purchase price. Starting in 2020, some automakers will start rolling out driver assist as a standard feature, an example being the Kia Telluride full-size SUV. The driver assist package on the Telluride has an extensive range of features: pedestrian detection along with augmented braking, blind spot sensors, collision warnings, stay-in-your-lane assistance, adaptive cruise control, a rear-view camera, and even a sensor that prevents doors from opening when other vehicles approach. Making driver assist systems standard is something the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has been very supportive of, and this will likely prompt more automakers to follow suit.

These exciting new safety features could save thousands of lives every year. If you do get into an accident despite your car’s safety features, it’s vital to have affordable car insurance. For affordable, reliable auto coverage, call on the trustworthy team from Altra Insurance Services. We also provide motorcycle, homeowners, and business insurance. San Diego residents can get a free quote by giving us a call at 619-474-6666.

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