How to File A Comprehensive Car Insurance Claim in 2020
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How to File A Comprehensive Auto Insurance Claim in San Diego

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How to File a Comprehensive Auto Insurance Claim in San Diego, CA


Comprehensive car insurance covers you in the event of an accident that doesn’t involve another vehicle. Comprehensive coverage protects you and your car against weather damage, vandalism, theft, and other events. Filing a comprehensive claim with your insurance provider might seem confusing, but it’s as easy as assessing damages, making a detailed report, and checking your policy limits before submitting a claim.

Assess and Document the Damage

Whether your car was broken into or damaged by a storm, you need to evaluate the extent of the damage and take note of it. Photos help, and you can include these when you submit a claim to your insurance company. It’s a good idea to take your car to an auto mechanic and get an official estimate for repairs. Not only will this give you an idea of what to expect in terms of out-of-pocket costs, but you’ll also have an official report of the damages you want covered. 

Check Your Policy

Comprehensive coverage is meant to cover repairs for damage caused by the weather, an act of theft or vandalism, an animal, or an inanimate object. Some insurance providers have comprehensive policies that offer total coverage, but others may only include certain damages in their comprehensive plans. California requires drivers to carry at least liability coverage, but when it comes to comprehensive auto insurance San Diego, drivers and fellow Californians are typically only required to buy comprehensive policies if their cars are leased or financed by lenders. Call your insurance provider, explain the situation, and check what your current coverage offers. Knowing what’s covered and what isn’t can save you a lot of time and stress and give you a general idea of the out-of-pocket expenses you might face for repairs. 

Submit a Report and File a Claim

Once you have evidence of the damage and know your coverage amounts, it’s time to call your insurance provider and file a claim. The representative will ask you questions, including how much damage your car sustained and whether you’ve received a quote from a mechanic. After you submit a comprehensive claim, your insurance provider may suggest several different repair shops. You’re legally allowed to choose any repair provider you wish, but there may be cheaper rates at one of the recommended auto mechanics.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Check out the overall cost of repairs before you file. Filing a claim typically raises your insurance premium, which is why it’s best to get a quote from an auto repair shop before filing anything. You might also have to pay a deductible before you can receive total coverage, which could cost much more than just paying for the repairs yourself. Call your insurance provider and discuss your options. You aren’t obligated to file a comprehensive claim if you don’t want to, and you’re free to gather estimates and other information about costs relating to repairs and your policy before making a final decision.

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