What Is EP Car Insurance?
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What Are the Benefits of Buying EP Auto Insurance?

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What Is EP Car Insurance in San Diego, CA


Whether you’re buying a pre-owned or new automobile, purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment, and issues are bound to occur with the car. These automotive problems can be expensive, and they’re typically not covered under standard car insurance policies. Paying for the damage and repairs can be costly, which is where engine protection (EP) coverage comes in handy. If it’s available, there are many benefits you can take advantage of with EP car insurance.

What Does EP Car Insurance Do?

Living in places with poor drainage systems and heavy rains can increase the odds of engine trouble, as can oil leaks, crankshaft problems, cylinder issues, and more. Paying out of pocket for damage to an engine or its parts can be expensive. Therefore, having an insurance policy with EP coverage makes your vehicle maintainable and automotive issues less stressful. You can purchase various types of EP coverage, and prices vary accordingly.

Who Is Eligible?

One factor to keep in mind when purchasing EP car insurance is the age of your vehicle. EP insurance is typically available when buying a new car and some pre-owned autos. However, the age of a pre-owned car will determine if you’re eligible or not. For example, if your vehicle is more than five years old, it’s generally ineligible for engine protection. 

If your automobile is approved for coverage, you typically must have a comprehensive car insurance policy. The requirements vary among insurance providers, so it would be best to speak with a representative before enrolling to ensure you meet all conditions and understand the policy thoroughly.

Can EP Increase Car Longevity?

Having engine protection is essential for many reasons, including the vehicle’s ability to continue functioning properly. One of the most expensive parts of the automobile is its engine, and it can become damaged for various reasons. However, if you’re unable to have the engine repaired, the vehicle won’t run, causing transportation difficulties. Therefore, having engine protection insurance could ensure your vehicle is repaired and keep your vehicle running smoothly for longer.

What’s Not Covered?

Remember you need to drive and store your automobile properly to reduce the risk of denied engine protection claims. One example of what not to do is force starting the vehicle. A submerged car should never be force started, even if you have EP insurance. If the car’s manufacturer covers the damage to the vehicle, the company will be responsible for the repairs before the EP coverage takes over. 

If water inundation is the cause of the engine problems, the damages are generally not covered. Water damage coverage does exist with EP insurance. However, it would be best to learn what that entails before adding this to your policy instead of assuming you’ll be covered in the future.

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