Can I Claim Insurance if I Scratch My Car?
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Can You File an Insurance Claim for Scratches on Your Car?

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Can I Claim Insurance if I Scratch My Car in San Diego, CA


Auto insurance is beneficial for many reasons. If you damage your vehicle or another driver causes minor or major issues for your car, having insurance can prevent you from paying out of pocket for the damage. You may be wondering if you should file a claim if you notice damage such as scratches on your car. The information below can come in handy when deciding if you should make a claim.


Most auto insurance policies, primarily those that provide comprehensive or collision coverage, will cover damage to your vehicle, including door dings and various scratches. Before filing a claim, verifying your policy covers the damage is essential. People often file claims based on the significance of the damage and the size of their deductibles. If the latter is more expensive than having the scratch or ding repaired, filing a claim may be unnecessary. However, this is based on your preferences, policy coverage, and the type of damage.

Examples of Other Claims

Your insurance policy may also cover the cost of scratches you cause on another vehicle as long as the damage is accidental. Intentional dings and scratches could lead to out-of-pocket expenses. If your car is scratched or dinged up by another driver, his or her insurance provider should cover the repair. Always get the name and number of the insurance provider, and make sure to call local law enforcement. Failing to do so could make it challenging to prove you weren’t at fault and cause you to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

Types of Scratches

The type of damage covered by comprehensive coverage and collision policies will vary. However, if you have one class, you’re typically given the option to add the other to your policy, which could ease your concerns over potential damage. Comprehensive auto insurance covers damage that’s generally out of your control, such as vandalism, natural disasters, and incidents involving animals. For example, if a tree branch falls and scratches your vehicle, you could be eligible to file a claim.

With collision coverage, the scratches caused by single-car accidents or running into guardrails are generally covered. More examples include hitting a fence, running into a mailbox, or other collision accidents that leave scratches across or down the sides of a vehicle.

Wear & Tear

While various scratches may be covered by your auto insurance policy, some claims could be denied, such as those that arise from normal wear and tear. Driving your vehicle daily, whether it’s commuting to work, school, shopping malls, or restaurants or traveling to visit family and friends, is considered normal wear and tear.

The exposure and normal use could cause a variety of issues for your automobile, such as scratches of all sizes as well as noticeable dents and damaged car parts. Therefore, it’s necessary to research the scratch before filing a claim and listing an issue that needs to be covered. Remember that car insurance is generally designed to deal with recent and unexpected events, such as scratches to the doors, not dings from traditional wear and tear.

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