How Far Can You Drive on a Flat Tire?
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What Distance Can I Drive My Car with a Flat Tire?

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How Far Can You Drive on a Flat Tire in San Diego, CA


While automotive technology has changed over the years, one thing remains the same: tires can go flat now and then. According to one estimate, you can drive nearly 1,500 miles with a flat tire before the rim becomes damaged. However, there are some other factors to consider when determining just how far you can—or should—drive on a flat tire. 

Go by the Severity of the Damage

Whether or not you can drive a long distance on a flat tire largely depends on the nature of the damage. For instance, if the damage to the tire is only limited to a small puncture, you’ll likely be able to drive further than if the puncture is more severe.

Consider the Consequences of Driving with a Flat Tire

Safety is also a factor that needs to be considered. With a flat tire, it can be difficult to control your vehicle. This could result in an accident, which certainly won’t be good for your own personal safety or your auto insurance premiums if you end up filing more claims.

Quick Fixes Don’t Usually Help Much

You can’t simply fix a flat tire by adding more air to it. This may buy you more time, but eventually, that air will get out through the puncture. Duct tape isn’t really a viable solution either, since the friction from the tire will cause it to quickly wear down, or it may simply fall off due to the rapid spinning motion of the tire.

You Could Damage Your Vehicle

Having to struggle to maintain constant control of your vehicle while you drive on a flat tire could result in damage to your car. This could also affect your car insurance if you end up needing to file a claim due to the damage. Later on, when it’s time to renew your insurance policy, you may end up paying a higher premium.

Know How to Drive Safely on a Flat Tire

There are times when you may need to drive on a flat tire for a while until you can safely pull over or get to a service station. If you do need to temporarily drive with a tire that’s gone flat, do so safely by:

• Driving slowly with your hazard lights on, if necessary
• Staying on flat, smoothly paved roads as much as possible
• Driving straight ahead and avoiding turns if possible
• Avoiding merges and similar actions that put your vehicle too close to other vehicles

Also, make an effort to stop somewhere safe as you’re driving to check out the tire. Avoid doing this on main roads unless there’s a designated area to pull over. Lastly, try not to drive too far with a flat tire. Even though you can technically drive a significant distance with a flattened tire, it’s better not to do so. Keep in mind the longer you drive with a flat tire, the more likely it is you’ll completely destroy the tire itself or cause damage to your vehicle.

Your insurance agent can provide you with additional safety information and tips about driving under certain circumstances, such as having a flat tire. If you’re looking for reliable car insurance and high-quality service, call on the trustworthy agents from Altra Insurance Services. We can also provide you with motorcycle, renters, and home insurance. San Diego residents should give us a call today at (619) 404-6311.

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