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Classic Car Care Tips

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Care Tips for a Classic Car in San Diego, CA


The care and maintenance you should apply to a classic, antique, collector, or exotic car isn’t the same as the routine you’d follow to keep your new or used vehicle in good condition. The key aspect of maintenance for a classic car is to understand that it’s special and therefore requires special care. For the most part, owners of classic cars agree the special maintenance involved becomes one of the most important factors of ownership. If you’re new to the world of caring for a classic auto, here are some recommendations to help you get started.

Protect Your Investment

Whether it was a gift, purchase, transfer, or lucky find, it doesn’t matter how you obtained your classic car. The moment you hold on to its clean title, it becomes an investment. A classic car will always retain a certain financial value, and this makes adequate insurance essential. The motor vehicle laws of your state will invariably require you to register the car, which means getting at least the minimum amount of car insurance. San Diego residents should be aware, however, that such policies may not be adequate because they don’t fully protect your investment. Chula Vista auto insurance agent will be able to help you choose the right coverage.

Maintain the Vehicle’s Looks

When you visit museums, the cordoned-off classic car exhibits you find display mostly chassis, exteriors, and interiors. Depending on the level of curation, the engine, drivetrain, and other systems may be displayed on their own, and this separation is by design. Collector cars worth millions of dollars are expected to sport glossy exteriors and impeccable interiors above all because they’re meant to evoke design trends and visual styles of bygone eras, and this is what you should pay attention to.

Clean Often

Dirt, grime, and the elements can take a heavy toll on any vehicle, particularly one that has been around a few decades. Classic cars are meant to be detailed, and this entails more than washing. It means you should pay attention to those hidden nooks that may harbor debris and grease. The exterior should be thoroughly waxed, while the interior should be protected with creams that offer protection against UV exposure and dry conditions.

Check the Fluids

Even though most classics don’t rack up too many miles, they should be kept on a maintenance schedule that adheres to the manufacturer’s original recommendations. Oil, coolant, hydraulic fluids, and differential lubricants should be regularly flushed out and replaced.

Keep Joints and Fittings in Good Shape

Classic car owners often overlook ball joints, fittings, and other parts that are expected to be packed with fresh grease. It’s easier to make it a point to remove old grease and replace it with a fresh packing than to have to deal with potential damage, which may require looking for original parts that are difficult to track down.

No matter what kind of car you drive, having adequate auto insurance is essential to protect yourself and your investment. For affordable, reliable car insurance, trust the professionals at Altra Insurance Services. In addition to auto insurance, we offer a wide range of insurance coverage, including business, homeowners, and motorcycle insurance. San Diego residents should give us a call today at (800) 719-9972 to learn how our commitment to personal service sets us apart from other insurance providers.

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