Can You Be Denied Car Insurance?
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Can Auto Insurance Companies Deny Coverage?

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does Auto Insurance Companies Deny Coverage?


Many drivers are surprised to hear they can be denied car insurance in some situations, and that often leads to serious problems down the road. In most areas, car insurance is a legal requirement, and driving without it could result in legal troubles or the loss of your license. Luckily, if insurance companies refuse to sell them car insurance, San Diego drivers have some steps they can take to potentially acquire coverage.

Driving Record

There are quite a few reasons you might be denied car insurance by a provider, and that includes your driving record. When an insurance company is considering insuring a driver, they’re going to take a very close look at any accidents or tickets the driver has had in recent years. In some cases, minor driving problems in the past will only affect a driver’s premiums. If the offenses are serious, the provider could deny coverage altogether. Some of the issues that might result in a company denying you coverage include a previous lapse in your auto insurance, a drunk driving conviction, and felony driving arrests.

Other Reasons for Being Denied Insurance

There are other factors that could impact your ability to acquire affordable insurance as well. While every state has slightly different laws, some providers won’t insure a driver with a very low credit score. The type of vehicle you own might also play a role, and it could be difficult to get insurance if you own an extremely expensive or exotic car. 

Acquiring an Affordable Policy

Asking for quotes from several additional insurance companies is the first thing you should do if you’ve previously been denied coverage or your existing policy has been canceled. If multiple coverage requests have been denied, you must then seek out an insurance provider that offers high-risk policies. These policies will typically be more expensive than a traditional policy, but that coverage will be necessary for a short time. Once you’ve established a better driving record, you should then be able to transition to a normal auto insurance policy.

Keeping Premiums & Deductibles Affordable

Driving safely is the most effective way to maintain an affordable insurance policy with adequate coverage. Most tickets and collisions are going to have a huge impact on your monthly premiums, and there may come a time when your provider drops you entirely. You should also speak with your company about any additional steps you can take to lower your premiums. Many insurance companies offer small discounts to those who live in certain areas or hold specific jobs. Minimizing your yearly mileage and keeping your car in a garage could result in more affordable premiums as well.

It’s always critical to make sure you have reliable insurance for your vehicle. If you need affordable, high-quality auto motorcycle or auto insurance Chula Vista, trust the experienced team at Altra Insurance Services. For a free quote, reach out to us today at (800) 719-9972. 

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