Can You Double Insure a House?
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Can You Have Two Insurance Policies on One Home?

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Can You Double Insure a House in San Diego, CA


Homeowners insurance is essential, and you should select a plan that suits you best. You may have contemplated double insurance for some of the reasons mentioned below. Regardless of why you decide to get double coverage, it’s something you can do. However, always do your research to avoid making costly errors.

Getting Insurance to Cover Weather Exemptions

The winter months are typically challenging for many homeowners, especially in areas where snowstorms are common. This is also true for individuals living in locations often hit by hurricanes and other issues like severe flooding. 

Some home insurance policies may deny coverage for specific weather conditions, like floods, regardless of how common they may be. In situations like this, having multiple insurance plans in place could lower the odds of being denied coverage. You can go to one insurer for something another doesn’t offer, providing you with what you need in these types of catastrophes.

Considering Cost

You could be like many people who search for specific coverage options and don’t want to give those things up or make significant compromises. If you find a plan offering everything you want, it may be too expensive to consider. However, you could choose multiple policies, ensuring you get the type of coverage options you want for a lower overall price. When this occurs, it may be best to make a double purchase. 

Some insurance companies offer discounts to prevent clients from going to another insurer for a separate plan. Therefore, always speak with your current provider about options before making additional purchases.

Forgetting to Cancel

Some homeowners have two policies because they make preventable errors, such as forgetting to cancel one plan. Insurance companies don’t end coverage on your behalf. The most common reasons they’ll terminate coverage are nonpayment or violation of policy agreements. Therefore, if you’ve accepted benefits from another insurer, don’t assume the previous plan is automatically canceled—it isn’t. 

After getting quotes and making a new selection, clarify to your current provider that you’re terminating on a specific date. In addition to calling to make the cancellation, you should also get verification of the change in writing or via email to avoid continuous billing or incurring other fees.

Avoiding Misconceptions

Having two insurance policies that cover the same thing doesn’t mean you can make multiple claims. When you submit claims to different insurers, they can split the claims and only pay a portion. However, you won’t receive double payments. If this happens accidentally, you could be required to repay the insurers. Even if this is an accident, your providers may increase your premiums when it’s time to renew. 

You want to avoid higher premiums, so it’s best to remain honest and decide what steps to take when filing claims if you have two providers. Most companies have what are known as contribution clauses and detail the meaning and coverage options in your plan documents. Read that paperwork thoroughly to find out what you can do in case of double insurance.

For more information on choosing homeowners insurance that suits your needs, call on the experienced agents at Altra Insurance Services. In addition to homeowners coverage, we offer a variety of reliable insurance products, including business, renters, and auto insurance. Chula Vista residents and homeowners throughout San Diego County should call us today at (619) 404-6311 to learn more about our high-quality service and affordable coverage.

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