Do I Need Business Insurance as a Contractor?
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Do Contractors Need to Buy Business Insurance?

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Do I Need Business Insurance as a Contractor in San Diego, CA


Working as a contractor comes with many benefits as well as risks. Therefore, obtaining business insurance is beneficial, although some states and industries don’t require the coverage. It’s your responsibility to verify whether your company is required to obtain insurance and the legal problems that could occur if you fail to purchase the appropriate coverage. Below are some of the top reasons you should consider business insurance if you’re a contractor, such as peace of mind and the prevention of financial setbacks. If they aren’t sure what they need in terms of business insurance, San Diego contractors should contact their insurance agents to make sure they have the coverage necessary to protect their interests.

State Requirements

Each state is different. However, California requires general contractors to have business insurance based on company type, number of employees, and other essential details. For example, if your contracting business operates one or more vehicles, you’re generally required to purchase commercial auto insurance. 

Your business type typically determines how many policies you need and the cost of coverage. The premiums for some businesses may be less expensive due to workforce details, current and projected revenue, partnerships, previous claims and insurance history, commercial lease requirements, and more.

Types of Insurance

As a contractor, you can purchase various types of insurance based on the size of your business, the kind of work you do, and more. The most common types of business insurance for contractors are general liability, commercial property, and business income insurance. Issues arising from injuries or property damage are often protected under general liability insurance. With commercial property coverage, the place your company does business in is protected along with the tools and equipment used in a leased, owned, or rented facility. Business income insurance benefits contractors when covered property is damaged and prevents them from working.

Injury Protection

As an independent contractor, where your work will take you and what you will do can vary, which is why business insurance is beneficial. Work-related accidents can occur among contractors, whether on-site or while traveling to another business location. Therefore, having insurance is necessary to pay for medical bills and receive compensation for time off work while you heal physically and mentally. Before selecting an appropriate plan, speak with providers to ensure your independent contract work is covered.

Increased Customer Base

Many clients avoid contractors who fail to have business insurance. Individuals and companies often look at these contractors negatively, believing that if they don’t follow local laws or take steps to protect their companies and workers, the contractors will fail to complete their projects in a professional manner. Therefore, obtaining business insurance could increase your customer base by boosting your reputation among clients and lead your current customers to refer you to others.

If you’re a contractor, make sure to protect your business by purchasing the right insurance coverage. For affordable, reliable business insurance as well as homeowners, renters, motorcycle, and auto insurance, Chula Vista residents should call on the trustworthy professionals at Altra Insurance Services. Reach out to us today at (619) 404-6311 to learn how we can satisfy all your insurance needs.

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