What Are the Benefits of Safe Driving?
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How Can I Benefit from Driving Safely?

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Can I Benefit from Driving Safely in San Diego, CA


We all like to think we’re safe drivers every time we get behind the wheel, but that isn’t always the case. While you know safe driving can help you avoid getting into an accident, there are many other benefits to being as careful as possible behind the wheel. The experienced agents from Altra Insurance Services, a premier provider of auto, motorcycle, homeowners, and renters insurance San Diego residents rely on for high-quality service, offer the following reasons for being the safest driver you can be.

Keep Your Record Clean

When you drive safely, you’re more likely to obey all traffic laws, meaning you’re less likely to catch the attention of law enforcement. By not getting pulled over and cited for reckless driving or speeding, you’ll keep your driving record clean, which offers many advantages. Insurance companies will consider your driving record when you need auto insurance. Even one speeding ticket or reckless driving violation can cause your insurance rates to go up. Most companies consider the previous five years when looking at your driving record to offer discounts for safe driving. When you renew your policy, check to see if you’ve earned a safe driving discount.

Find a Job

Most of us think about our employment history when we apply for a job, but did you know some employers will also look at your driving history? The job you’re applying for may require a valid license and a clean driving record. For example, over-the-road truckers, food delivery personnel, and home healthcare workers may be required to have the best driving records possible because employees reflect the businesses they work for, and employers want workers who use safe practices.

Pay Less for Fuel

Gas costs are continuously fluctuating from week to week, which means the amount you pay for gas could easily increase, wreaking havoc on your budget. When you’re a safe driver, the amount of fuel you have to buy is often reduced. For example, safe drivers typically stick to the speed limit, which keeps their fuel use to a minimum, as speeding uses more gas than traveling at the speed limit.

Qualify for Accident Forgiveness

Many insurance companies are now offering a benefit known as accident forgiveness. This feature provides discounts for customers who have clean driving records. If you qualify for this feature and become involved in an at-fault accident, the insurance company may not increase your rates. Just remember, the accident will still be on your driving record even if it wasn’t your fault. Every insurance company will have its own rules when it comes to accident forgiveness coverage, and it’s typically just a one-time deal.

Driving safely provides a number of benefits, not the least of which is the reduced risk of being in an accident. If you’re involved in an accident, it’s essential to have reliable Chula Vista auto insurance. They can trust the team from Altra Insurance Services to be there when they need assistance. For a free quote, give us a call today at 619-474-6666.

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