How Often Should You Do Maintenance on Your Home?
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How Frequently Should I Perform Home Maintenance?

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How Often Should You Do Maintenance on Your Home in San Diego, CA


Maintaining your home on a regular basis can increase its value, reduce safety risks, help you save money on future repairs or upgrades, and keep the property looking nice. Therefore, you should incorporate home maintenance into your regular plans. Schedule the upkeep based on your home’s rooms, appliances, and features as well as natural wear and tear. Keep in mind some areas should be maintained at higher levels than others. The professionals from Altra Insurance Services, the experts in homeowners insurance San Diego residents trust for reliable service, explain what types of home maintenance you need to do and how often.


Cleaning the home weekly is vital, especially during allergy season. When you clean the ceilings, baseboards, and door frames, you remove dust that could cause allergic reactions in residents and visitors. Although the body generally produces antibodies to respond to the allergens that invade the body, the initial responses could cause sneezing, red and swollen eyes, a runny nose, coughing, and itchiness. Therefore, cleaning the home once a week is best to remove dust that triggers allergies. In addition to wiping down counters and other surfaces around the house, replace the air filters in the home every one to two months to keep the air clean, fresh, and healthier.


Inspecting safety features, appliances, and devices like security systems, kitchen products, fire extinguishers, and sink disposals keeps you safe and could prevent more costly repairs or dangerous incidents throughout the home. Ensuring safety features work could help you escape the property if something like a fire occurs. Monthly maintenance and inspection of home appliances and devices, such as your sink disposal and HVAC unit, can keep your systems running efficiently.


Seasonal changes require you to cover some appliances, check systems to see if they’re working correctly, and more. Doing so could stave off seasonal issues many homeowners experience. Handling tasks such as covering your air conditioning unit in the winter could prevent you from needing repairs or upgrades due to weather-related issues. Insulating your pipes could prevent them from freezing during the colder months. It’s also an excellent idea to check on the hardware throughout the home, from doorknobs to window locks, to determine what needs to be maintained and what’s working properly.


The outdoor areas are just as essential as the inside of your home. Many responsibilities come with exterior maintenance, such as cleaning up in the fall months, raking leaves, and laying down mulch in flower beds. Doing these tasks could protect your plants, keep weeds at bay, and keep the yard looking nice and clutter-free. 

Checking for signs of dead branches on trees each year could lower the risk of disease that escalates and causes them to fall on parts of the home or in areas where individuals are present, leading to severe injuries. In addition to yard work, it’s crucial to check the concrete around the house for cracks, inspect the gutters for clogs, look at the chimney for signs of wear, and identify any part of your roof that needs repair and replacing before bad weather comes along.

Make sure to check with your insurance agent so you know exactly what’s covered in the event of damage to your home. If you need reliable, affordable homeowners insurance, call on the experienced, trustworthy professionals at Altra Insurance Services. We can also provide you with renters, commercial, and car insurance. Chula Vista homeowners can learn more about our high-quality personal service by calling us today at (619) 404-6311.

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