What Does Basic Commercial Property Insurance Cover?
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What Are the Main Things Commercial Property Insurance Covers?

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Commercial Property Insurance


As a business owner, it’s best to make sure your organization is insured against losses, from office space to equipment and other physical assets. With your business’s property, cargo, and other assets included in your insurance policy, you could avoid significant loss in the future as long as your claims are valid. However, commercial property insurance doesn’t cover everything, which is why you should continue reading to find out what these policies typically include.

Weather-Related Damage

Rain, thunderstorms, lightning, and other weather-related events can cause significant damage and loss to companies. If you’ve purchased commercial insurance, specifically commercial property insurance, your business could have these items replaced or repaired for most types of weather damage. An example would be thunderstorm damage that causes your company’s roof to decay, mold, or collapse. With a valid policy, you can avoid the expenses associated with replacing the roof. In addition, items damaged inside the building are covered under these basic policies. The objective of the coverage is to make repairs and get adequate replacements so your business can continue operating normally.


If someone steals from your business or vandalizes your office space, the assets are generally covered under commercial property insurance. However, the physical business assets must be on your property at the time of the theft. For example, if your company car is stolen while away from the building, the vehicle may not be covered. It would be good to speak with a representative to learn more about theft and off-site coverage and how far away the physical asset must be. In some cases, providers cover business contents within 100 feet of the company’s building.

Accidental Damage

Basic commercial property insurance could apply to employee- and customer-related mishaps. For example, it’s not uncommon for a team member to accidentally break machinery, office furniture, or necessary devices. However, these items may be covered under your business’s insurance policy. Even if your employee is distracted while taking a personal phone call, accidentally spills water on a computer, and damages that device and other tools in the office, you can submit the claim to your provider. Don’t assume accidents aren’t covered. Instead, report the loss of assets related to the error to save your company money and ease your employee’s stress.

What It Doesn’t Cover

Forced closings due to damage aren’t covered under most commercial property insurance plans. If your roof caves in and your business must shut down while it’s being fixed, you cannot claim the expenses spent on the shutdown. In addition, if you move to another property while the roof is being repaired, relocation costs aren’t covered. This type of insurance doesn’t cover employee injuries either. However, there are policies you can purchase to ensure your company is protected when an employee hurts him or herself on your property or while conducting business-related tasks.

It’s vital to protect your business from dangers, and commercial property insurance is one of the most valuable tools you can buy to safeguard your business’s financial health. When it comes to commercial property insurance, look to the professionals at Altra Insurance Services for sound advice based on years of experience in the insurance industry. We also offer reliable homeowners, renters, and car insurance. San Diego residents can call one of our knowledgeable agents today at (800) 719-9972 to discuss their insurance needs. 

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