What Driving Speed Saves the Most Gas?
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What’s the Most Fuel-Efficient Speed to Drive Your Car?

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What Driving Speed Saves the Most Gas in San Diego, CA


Your driving habits can have a big impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and you could potentially save a lot of money on gas by altering how you drive. This includes finding the perfect speed for your vehicle so the engine continues to operate at maximum efficiency. Here’s a closer look at the ideal driving speeds for fuel efficiency and some of the other steps you can take to reduce your vehicle’s gas consumption, brought to you by the trusted car insurance Chula Vista providers at Altra Insurance Services.

Fuel Economy & Driving Speeds

Modern vehicles are highly complex, and many different variables will impact your fuel economy. When you drive at certain speeds, you can minimize the amount of friction between your tires and the road. Cruising at certain speeds is also going to maximize the vehicle’s momentum and reduce drag from the air while you’re on longer trips. When you combine all of those benefits, you might potentially increase your fuel efficiency by a huge amount. As a bonus, improving the vehicle’s fuel efficiency will also put less strain on the engine and all of the car’s other mechanical components.

Ideal Driving Speeds

Every vehicle is slightly different, but most experts agree that driving between 55 and 65 mph is the best range for fuel efficiency. When you drive slower than that, the friction between your tires and the road will be much greater. Once you begin to drive faster than 65 mph, the engine will generally consume more fuel. By the time you hit 80 or 90 mph, your vehicle’s fuel usage could increase by as much as 40 percent. Driving at those speeds is also illegal in most areas, and a ticket could end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Benefits of Driving Smoothly & Consistently

Your speed is going to play a major role in your car’s fuel efficiency, but you should also attempt to drive as consistently as possible. By driving smoothly, you can greatly minimize your risk of a catastrophic breakdown as well as a collision. Speeding up quickly, hitting the brakes suddenly, and driving erratically will all affect your fuel consumption and potentially wear out some of your car’s mechanical parts prematurely. For longer trips, you should also consider engaging your vehicle’s cruise control function if you want to boost your fuel efficiency.

Other Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency

In addition to driving safely and keeping your speed between 55 and 65 mph whenever possible, you should also schedule regular maintenance for your car or truck. Keeping the fluids at the correct levels is going to greatly reduce the amount of stress the engine must stand up to, and that’s going to boost its efficiency. Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure is another simple step you can take to lower your fuel consumption and increase the longevity of the vehicle. 

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