What Is Considered Property Damage in Business Insurance?
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How Does Business Insurance Typically Define Property Damage?

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What Is Considered Property Damage in Business Insurance in San Diego, CA


Operating a business comes with many rewards as well as responsibilities. You’ll need to do everything possible to protect your investment, including the property you purchase or lease, your customers, visitors, employees, and various assets. Buying business insurance is essential to minimize financial loss and raise the odds of having a successful business. However, it would be best to learn more about what’s considered property damage before selecting a policy.

Vandalism & Theft

Almost all theft is covered by business insurance, so speak with your provider when these types of events occur. Include as many details in the police report as possible, and take photos of any damages. Most providers will also send representatives to view the property. Regardless, don’t assume certain things aren’t covered because they’re less expensive.

Physical Injuries

Damage to your office building, furniture, electrical devices, and other physical items isn’t the only type of damage most business insurance providers cover. Your employees are essential to the business, as are your customers. Without these individuals, productivity and profits are nearly impossible, which is why most providers cover physical injuries to these individuals if they’re hurt inside your building or while taking on work-related tasks off the premises. The coverage could include compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and more. However, the type of benefits for physical injuries will vary depending on the provider and the type of policy you select.


Catastrophic events occur in the business world each day, many of which are unforeseen. However, it’s always best to have insurance in place to prevent financial loss and receive assistance to ensure your property is repaired, your assets are replaced, and any other damage is covered. Most business insurance policies consider fires property damage and cover the expenses they cause. However, the type of coverage for a fire will vary from policy to policy. Therefore, it’s essential to speak with a provider about this specific type of property damage before selecting a business insurance policy.

Lack of Operations & Other Interruptions

The inability to utilize your property could also be covered under your business insurance policy. This includes devices and machinery that no longer work due to property damage. However, the type of machinery covered will vary. For example, suppose an ice cream shop’s freezer stops working due to chemical combustion or damage caused by thieves vandalizing the property. In that case, the device is likely covered under a business insurance policy. The coverage could include compensation for the interruption and its impact on daily sales and operations. 

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