What Makes a Home Uninsurable?
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Why Would an Insurance Company Refuse to Insure a House?

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What Makes a Home Uninsurable in San Diego, CA


Homeowners insurance is a requirement for many types of home loans. You’ll also want to carry insurance on your house to help you recover financially after a crisis. For the most part, being denied insurance is typically a sign there’s something that causes the home insurance company to be concerned. In some cases, this might be fixable. In others, you may need to reconsider the home you’re trying to purchase or consider asking about alternative plans. Watching out for these common issues with home insurance coverage gives you a better starting point for making sure your house is covered. 

Increased Risk of Natural Disasters

When they’re looking to buy home insurance, San Diego homeowners and residents throughout California are frequently encountering new problems with getting or keeping their homes covered by insurance. This is due to wildfires spreading throughout the state. Homes considered to be within range of a potential fire line may be denied insurance. These properties can sometimes still be eligible for special coverage. For example, a homeowner might opt for a higher premium and deductible if it means having at least some degree of coverage in case of a natural disaster.

Swimming Pools

Many homes have private swimming pools the owners use for recreation and relaxation. While you may love your pool, the insurance company might take a different view. If you’re denied insurance due to a swimming pool, you may have the option of taking action to make it safer. Some insurance companies will let you maintain coverage if you add a fence around the pool and take other steps to prevent unauthorized people from having access to it.

Having a History of Multiple Claims

You might have been grateful to use your home insurance to handle some recent emergencies. After all, that’s what insurance is meant to help with. However, you may have made too many claims in recent months, which makes the insurance company worry there are serious problems with the house. If you’re considering buying a house, you’ll want to find out if the previous owners have made multiple claims. This history could impact your ability to get insurance on the same home.

A Need for Extensive Repairs & Maintenance

Major problems with the primary structure of the house could render it uninsurable. This is most common with foundation and roofing problems that leave multiple parts of the house vulnerable to problems. For instance, an issue with the electrical system could lead to a house fire. An insurance company will often reconsider a denial if you’re able to correct the issue that made them turn down your application.

Risks on the Exterior of the Home

Sometimes, concerns are found outside a home that can lead to a denial of insurance. For example, dead trees that could fall on the house might need to be removed before you can get homeowners insurance. After being turned down for insurance, always ask what the reason is for the denial. It may be as simple as making a few repairs or cutting down trees to get a company to accept your request for insurance.

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