7 Things You Should Never Do on a Motorcycle
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7 Things to Avoid Doing when Riding a Motorcycle

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things not to do on motorcycles


Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom that’s just different from how you feel when you’re stuck in a car. Yet with all great things comes responsibility. While you get to enjoy the wind at your back, you still need to take care of yourself and the other people on the road. In addition to purchasing adequate motorcycle insurance Chula Vista. Their motorcycle riders should make sure to never do these seven things so they’ll be able to avoid accidents that hold them back from doing what you love.

1. Get on a Neglected Bike

In a car, you can usually cautiously steer your vehicle off the road to get to a safe place if necessary, but on a motorcycle, even a minor maintenance issue can quickly turn catastrophic. Always do a pre-trip inspection, and make sure to follow the recommendations for maintenance. If you aren’t sure of the status of a critical part, get it checked before you go for a ride.

2. Look Down

You might find yourself tempted to look at the ground around your bike as you ride, especially if you just passed a hazard. However, you should always keep your focus on where you want to go. Looking down means you may miss a major hazard that’s just up the road and in your path.

3. Ride while Tired

Driving after a sleepless night can be just as dangerous as riding while intoxicated. If you know you have a long ride the next day, consider going to bed a little early. If you have a sleepless night, consider putting off your ride for another day. If you have another vehicle, it might be best to use your car to commute until you get some rest.

4. Use Your Phone

Distracted driving can be deadly in even a regular vehicle. On a motorcycle, you have even less time to react, and that one second you spend staring at your phone could be all it takes to cause you to lay your bike down. If you need to check a map or pick up a call, pull over to a safe place to park.

5. Show Off Your Tricks

You might’ve been riding for years, and it’s natural to want to show off your skills. However, public roads are no place to be popping wheelies and riding at excessive speeds. Being a predictable motorcycle rider helps other drivers know what to expect you to do, which can prevent accidents.

6. Ride without Your Gear

Those hot summer days may tempt you to leave your bulky gear at home. However, ditching your helmet and other gear leaves your body vulnerable to serious injuries such as road rash. Keep in mind that even a short ride wearing sandals or flip-flops could lead to severe foot injuries. It’s worth taking the extra minute to switch shoes, and being a little hot isn’t so bad, considering the alternative.

7. Speed through Yellow Lights

When you’ve got a great ride going, having to stop for traffic lights can be frustrating. Resisting the urge to sail through a yellow light or one that just turned red could save your life. Other drivers may not see you on your motorcycle, especially if you’re speeding. Once again, being predictable is essential for making sure others are aware of your presence on the road.

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