What Are the Benefits of Owning a Home vs Renting?
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Is It Better to Rent or Own a Home?

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Life changes, as do opportunities and circumstances. In some instances, renting a home may be the best option for you, whereas in other cases, home ownership could move to the top of your list. Below are some advantages to consider for both choices so you know more before making a final decision. Regardless, it’s always best to evaluate your current finances, other residents in the home, and your short- and long-term goals.

Ownership Advantages

One advantage of owning a home is controlling your monthly housing payment and adding home equity. Over time, your home value will likely rise while you build your credit. If your mortgage payment is costly during the year, there are typically interest deductions to take advantage of during tax season. Customizing the house, from painting walls to remodeling basements, kitchens, and bedrooms, is another benefit of ownership, compared to renting and dealing with limitations or having to get necessary approvals.

Benefits of Renting

If you’re not quite ready to purchase a home but living in a residential property is still your preference, renting is an option, but you have to research the current market, just as you would when buying a house. One benefit is being able to relocate quicker and with less headache. In most situations, repairs and maintenance will fall upon the homeowner, not you and your family. This alone can save you time, energy, and money. The credit requirements for renting a home are typically more relaxed than those banks look for when you’re trying to obtain a loan.

Choosing What’s Best for You

Even with the benefits of both options, some factors may be disadvantageous for your family at the time, causing one choice to be better than the other. For example, if your finances differ from where you want them to be regarding saved money or your credit score, renting a home while you build up your credit and reserve the funds to purchase a new or used property may be best.

Another factor to consider is monthly payments, which, for a home, include principal and interest on your property loan. In most situations, the payment amount is set and doesn’t change. On the other hand, rent can increase as often as the landlord desires, based on your rental contract. Property taxes and maintenance requirements are other factors to consider when owning a home that generally don’t occur for renters. Your lifestyle, goals, and interests should be the main factors in addition to your current needs.

Insurance for Either Option

If you rent, while a property owner or corporation may have insurance for the property, this doesn’t generally include your personal items, so renters insurance is crucial. If you own, financial protection for your belongings and the property in general is essential, and obtaining homeowners insurance can provide you with that as well as peace of mind.

Different coverage levels are available, depending on the property type you select. Speak with an insurance provider to review the options that suit you best, regardless of whether you own or rent the home. For affordable homeowners or renters insurance as well as other types of coverage, from business to motorcycle and car insurance, San Diego residents trust the experienced agents at Altra Insurance Services. Call us today to request a free quote for any of your insurance needs.

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