How Do I Keep My Motorcycle from Tipping Over?
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How to Avoid Motorcycle Tip-Overs

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How to Avoid Motorcycle Tip-Overs


It may not seem like much of a big deal for a motorcycle to occasionally tip over. However, tip-over accidents can be serious for riders. In fact, accidents of this nature can take a toll on your health, your bike, and even your insurance costs. Below, the pros from Altra Insurance, the leading providers of affordable motorcycle insurance in San Diego, go over what can be done to keep your motorcycle from tipping over.

Work on Your Low-Speed Riding Techniques

There’s an understandable need for speed among some motorcycle enthusiasts. However, riding your bike at higher speeds also increases the risk of tip-overs, and these accidents can be potentially dangerous or even fatal. Hone your lower-speed riding skills and reduce the risk of tip-overs due to speed by:

• Keeping the throttle fixed as you slip the clutch
• Dragging your rear brake at the same time
• Keeping an eye out over your shoulder when you lean on your motorcycle
• Putting some extra weight on the outside foot peg when you need to make some tighter turns on your bike

Keep Your Speed Stable

When possible, avoid excessively adjusting your speed on your motorcycle. If you change speed too fast or too often, you’re more likely to tip over as you ride, especially in turns.

Stay Alert

This applies to any type of driving, but when you’re riding a motorcycle, it’s even more important to remain alert so you don’t tip over. Achieve this goal by:

• Staying focused on the road
• Maintaining a straight line of vision with what’s in front of you
• Being aware of other vehicles around you

Use Your Rear Brake More Often

As you work on your lower-speed techniques, also make an effort to favor your rear brake more than the front one. By doing so, you’ll be able to maintain a steady speed. The reason is because the front brake on most motorcycles is fairly powerful, and it’s easier than you may realize to put too much pressure on this brake. If this happens, you could end up having a tip-over accident.

Don’t Forget to Remove Your Disc Locks

The purpose of disc locks is to prevent someone from taking your bike when it’s parked in an open space, where it’s more vulnerable. This is generally a good thing as far as insurance goes, since it reduces the risk of theft claims. However, some riders forget about the disc locks when they get ready to ride again. This could result in a tip-over accident because you’ll get a sudden jolt from the locked brakes, which could throw off your balance. 

Instead, do something simple like placing a handkerchief in the area around the brakes to remind you to take the locks off. There are also newer disc locks that have alarms to let you know they’re on if you’re getting ready to ride.

Push Your Bike when You’re in a Parking Garage

Granted, you’re not likely to get into a serious tip-over accident if you’re just trying to find a parking spot in a garage. Nonetheless, it’s possible to do some significant damage to your motorcycle or a parked vehicle in the garage if a tip-over does occur. Reduce this risk by pushing your bike. Gain added support and stability by leaning the bike slightly against your legs and holding on to the seat and handlebars.

An important aspect of owning a motorcycle is having adequate insurance. If you need affordable, reliable motorcycle insurance, reach out to the experienced agents at Altra Insurance Services. We also offer several other types of insurance, including homeowners, renters, and auto insurance. San Diego residents should call us today at (619) 404-6311.

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