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Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders [Safety Orientd]

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Safety Tips for Bike Owners in San Diego, CA


There’s something exhilarating about climbing on top of a motorcycle and feeling the freedom of the open road. However, every good motorcyclist must always be aware of the potential dangers that exist on public and private roadways, and it’s also crucial to purchase adequate motorcycle insurance. San Diego motorcycle riders need to use the following tips to stay safe during their next ride.

1. Wear a Helmet

Helmet laws vary from one city or state to another. However, you should never consider wearing a helmet to be optional. Wearing the proper headgear could mean the difference between life and death if you experience a collision.

2. Protect Your Skin

While a helmet protects against head and brain injuries, it doesn’t do much for the rest of your body. Road rash can occur during motorcycle accidents, and the recovery from a severe case is extremely long and painful. Always suit up in the appropriate gear before you ride, and remember leather is one of the best materials to wear for skin protection.

3. Maintain Clear Vision

Whether you prefer goggles or a helmet visor, keeping debris out of your eyes protects you from suddenly being blinded as you ride. Circumstances can change in an instant, and you should be equipped with materials to clean off your vision protection if you drive through a particularly buggy or dirty area.

4. Take Refresher Courses

The best motorcyclists never lose sight of the dangers associated with their vehicle. However, you could find yourself feeling overconfident about your abilities as you gain experience. Sign up for refresher courses every few years to update your driving skills. In addition to potentially lowering your insurance rates, these classes are designed to help you make defensive driving strategies part of your body’s automatic response to a dangerous situation.

5. Limit Distractions

Today’s motorcycles come with so many bells and whistles that it’s almost like having a second home. While GPS systems are great for navigating routes and earpieces and allow you to communicate with the other people in your group, you need to remember these distractions are the fastest way to get into an accident. Go ahead and use your technology to enhance your trip, just make sure to shut it all off once you start to ride.

6. Always Do a Pre-Ride Inspection

You’re responsible for maintaining a safe motorcycle, but things can happen between each ride. Take a few minutes to check the bike over for signs of problems such as deflated tires or an oil leak. Then, adjust your mirrors and check other safety features such as the horn to make sure they’re all working.

7. Follow the Local Laws

Motorcycles are great for adventurous road trips, but driving laws vary significantly from one place to another. Always look up your route before you leave and check into the local laws. Knowing about things such as a major change in speed limits before you hit the area allows you to prepare accordingly.

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